Cops: Man Stole $166K From Mom For Fetish Items

Ohioan, 59, spent money on cam girls, sex dolls

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Fleecing Mom

APRIL 24---An Ohio man charged with stealing more than $166,000 from his incapacitated mother used the purloined funds to pay for online sex shows, silicone sex dolls, wigs, pornography, adult toys, and more than 150 pieces of lingerie, according to investigators.

Shaun Joseph, 59, was indicted Thursday for fleecing his 91-year-old mother, who is suffering from severe dementia and is in a nursing home. Joseph is accused of paying for his purchases with his mother’s credit cards and bank accounts.

As detailed in Municipal Court filings, a search of Joseph’s Dayton residence yielded evidence of his alleged online shopping sprees for fetish material and other merchandise.

In addition to purchases from Amazon, Joseph used the stolen funds to pay for “on-line ‘Cam/Web Girls,’” investigators allege. Joseph told police that he used his mother’s credit cards to purchase online “tokens,” which he “then used to have the females do sexual acts to themselves while he watched.”

A search warrant affidavit noted that Joseph's ill-gotten merchandise included “Lingerie or Apparel including but not limited to thongs, G-strings, bras and sleepwear.”

During police questioning, Joseph, seen above, reportedly admitted that his purchases would not have been approved by his mother, who has “profound dementia,” according to a court filing. Joseph told investigators that his mother has been non-communicative for more than two years.

According to a search warrant inventory, cops seized these items from Joseph’s residence:

  • “5 silicone dolls w/ multiple heads”
  • Wigs
  • Sex toys
  • “Box of ligatures”
  • “Unopened lingerie purchases from Amazon”
  • Assorted computer and electronic equipment

A police review of Joseph’s Amazon purchase history revealed that he bought more than 150 pieces of “what could be described as woman’s lingerie.” Other Amazon “purchases of concern,” an investigator noted, included “two purchases of ‘butt-plugs’” and “2 silicone life-like sex dolls.”

According to a search warrant affidavit, Joseph’s improper spending ceased in January when a court-appoined guardian for his mother succeeded in freezing her bank accounts.

In addition to the theft charges, the Dayton Daily News reported, Joseph was also indicted on other felony counts after a review of his computers turned up multiple child porn videos. (4 pages)