Man Spits In Cop's Face, Says He Has COVID-19

Floridian declared "he had coronavirus"

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Felony Spitting

MARCH 30--After spitting in the face of a female cop, a Florida Man announced that he “spit on her intentionally because he had coronavirus,” according to an arrest report.

Police in St. Petersburg early Sunday busted James Jamal Curry, 31, for violating a no contact order issued following his arrest for domestic battery and false imprisonment. Curry, cops allege, was nabbed Saturday after allegedly grabbing his girlfriend and pushing her against a wall.

After bonding out of jail, Curry returned to the victim’s residence and sat outside her door. Upon spotting Curry, the woman called 911.

When police sought to arrest Curry for violating the no contact order, he struggled with officers and refused to get into a squad car, prompting cops to pepper spray him.

Then things got damp.

At one point, cops say, Curry tried to kick out the rear windows of a police cruiser. When a female sergeant attempted to pull him away from the window, Curry “turned around and intentionally spit” in the officer’s face. He then reportedly told the cop he “spit on her intentionally because he had coronavirus,” police reported.

Court filings do not indicate whether the victim was wearing any kind of protective equipment.

Seen above, Curry was arrested on several charges, including resisting officers with violence and threatening a law enforcement (he allegedly told the female cop he knew where she lived and was going to kill her).

Curry was also charged with violation of isolation or quarantine because he had “no valid reason for being in public” in the face of a stay-at-home order issued for Pinellas County. 

Curry, who is locked up in the county jail, has previously been convicted of possession of cocaine and Ecstasy. (2 pages)