Couple Charged With Assaulting Drunk Woman

Cops: Key West visitors sexually attacked victim

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Key West Assault

MARCH 27--After a night of partying in Key West, a vacationing couple from Maryland sexually assaulted a woman they invited back to their hotel room, according to police who yesterday arrested the duo on felony charges.

Investigators allege that Eleanora Kurban, 23, and Bryce Summerlin, 28, met the victim in late-January at a bar where she had gone for karaoke night. The 23-year-old victim subsequently went to the Bare Assets strip club with Kurban and Summerlin.

By the time the club closed at 4 AM, the victim told police, she had consumed numerous alcoholic drinks, including multiple shots of tequila. “When she would take a shot, another one would always just be there,” investigators noted.

The woman told cops that she intended to ride her bicycle home, but Kurban and Summerlin talked her into taking an Uber with them to their hotel, where the trio could “sleep it off.”

After falling asleep, the woman said she “woke up to both Nora and Bryce on top of her,” according to a Key West Police Department report. The couple, she said, proceeded to sexually assault her.

After Summerlin passed out, Kurban continued to try to get her “to perform sexual acts with her,” said the victim, who told police Kurban had performed oral sex on her without consent.

During the incident, the victim said, “she clearly told them both no” and “did yell out,” though “no one ever came to the hotel room door to check on them.” Saying that she was too intoxicated to fight off the couple, the woman added that she “told them no several times and told them it hurts and to stop.”

Upon waking later that morning, the “panicked” woman asked Kurban and Summerlin “if they were clean or if she was going to get STDs. She asked if she was going to get pregnant afterward.” The woman said that Kurban tried to calm her down and that she convinced Summerlin to use Venmo “to send her money for Plan B,” the emergency contraceptive pill.

When she returned to her residence, the woman’s girlfriend told her not to shower and go immediately to an emergency room, where she first spoke with cops.

While at the hospital, the victim showed an officer a Snapchat message from Kurban that stated, “I’m sorry” and referred to the prior evening as “stupid.”

Seen in the below mug shots, Kurban and Summerlin were arrested early Thursday and booked into the county jail, where they were later released on bond. They are scheduled to be arraigned April 9 on felony sexual assault charges.

Summerlin, a licensed realtor, shares a Maryland address with Kurban, who reportedly told the victim that Summerlin “provides for her financially,” though she “wasn’t happy with Bryce nor did he satisfy her.”

Kurban is pictured above in photos from her social media accounts, which include images from her January trip to Key West and Disney World in Orlando. (2 pages)