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Kobe Bryant Hearing Transcript

Sordid details of NBA star's alleged sex attack

Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant Hearing Transcript

NOVEMBER 7--With Kobe Bryant scheduled next week to formally enter a plea in his sexual assault case, a Colorado judge has finally released the official court transcript of the NBA star's explosive preliminary hearing, held over two days last month.

The sole witness during the Eagle County District Court proceeding was Doug Winters, the sheriff's detective who interviewed the alleged 19-year-old rape victim the morning after the attack. According to the woman, Bryant, 25, grabbed her by the neck, bent her over a chair, and raped her while she cried and asked the athlete to stop. Bryant repeatedly warned the woman not to tell anyone about the incident at the luxury hotel where she worked, according to Winters's testimony.

At left you'll find the bulk of the Bryant hearing transcript, which picks up when Winters takes the stand on October 9 and concludes with the brief closing arguments (on October 15) of prosecutor Greg Crittenden and Pamela Mackey, Bryant's defense attorney. Testimony on the hearing's first day came to an abrupt end when Mackey asked Winters whether the woman's vaginal injuries could have resulted from her having "sex with three men in three days."

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