Jamie Foxx In Naked Pixx Fixx

Dumpster diver claims he was beaten by mystery goons

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Jamie Foxx In Naked Pixx Fixx

SEPTEMBER 29--Just what we need, another scandal over naked photos of a celebrity. This time, it appears actor Jamie Foxx made the mistake of memorializing some private encounters (so private, in fact, that he reportedly went solo at one point).

Mark Pithian, a 40-year-old construction worker, claims to have found the photos in the garbage outside Foxx's Las Vegas home. Which apparently triggered an August beating/home invasion by men demanding the "naked pictures of celebrity Jamie Foxx," according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department report.

While victim Pithian, whose name was redacted from the report, told interlopers "Lamont" and "Mr. Chambers" that he did not have the photos, he wasn't telling the truth. Working through a photo agent, Fithian is now looking to sell the revealing Foxx photos, which were reviewed recently by a New York Daily News reporter. (3 pages)