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Injuries From The Frozen Tundra

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Injuries From The Frozen Tundra

Pizza, Bone Topping

Today's courtroom roundup:

1) What is it with these Great White North strip clubs? First, some poor guy suffers a crushing loss at the hands of one Quebec stripper. Now another Canadian guy is suing over an injury he allegedly suffered in a Vancouver-area nudie joint (seems he got too close to that golden maypole). Note that this may be the first time anyone has actually sued a stripper for "loss of sleep." Usually, a tip is in order. (4 pages)

2) Colorado litigant Elton Deville claims to have recently lost a tooth when he bit into one of those tasty Red Baron frozen pizzas. He typed up and filed this pro se lawsuit after receiving a marvelously dismissive letter from the Baron's claims specialists. But while bone apparently should be expected in a slice, TSG believes that pineapple is still technically considered a "foreign object." (4 pages)