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Granny Get Your Gun

Florida man charged with filming 85-year-old woman for gangsta video

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Granny Get Your Gun

APRIL 23--A Florida man is facing elder abuse charges after he allegedly filmed his senile 85-year-old grandmother wearing a ski mask and holding a gun for a 'Gangstas and Thugs' street DVD series.

Michael Alfinez, 18, was arrested yesterday by Palm Beach sheriff's deputies, who began their probe after a troubling video was seized earlier this year during a traffic stop. According to a sheriff's report, a copy of which you'll find here, Alfinez admitted filming his grandmother, Marie Huertas, and placing a ski mask on the senior citizen. He also acknowledged telling Huertas what to say on the video.

Alfinez is pictured in the mug shot at left; Huertas, in a ski mask, can be seen in the adjacent video screen grab. The report notes that Huertas, who is holding a .22-caliber gun and appears 'disoriented' in the video, makes a series of profane threats and statements like, 'Fuck you if you don't like this,' 'I'll shoot you,' and 'Palm Beach County, bitch.' When investigators showed Huertas the video, 'she appeared to be shocked' at her recorded comments, and remarked, 'they are making a criminal out of me.'

In addition to the abuse charge, Alfinez is facing weapons charges since the video also shows him (and two pals) firing a gun from a moving vehicle. Alfinez said that he got the idea to film his grandmother from an earlier 'Gangstas and Thugs' production (which apparently featured another pensioner). Alfinez told investigators that he 'knew my grandma could be like that too or better.' (3 pages)