Woman Busted For Brutal Attack On Ex-Boyfriend

Victim suffered torn scrotum, exposed testicle

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

MAY 16--A Pennsylvania woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly punching her ex-boyfriend in the groin with such force that his scrotum tore open, exposing a bloody testicle, according to a wince-inducing criminal complaint.

Police say that Micaela Huettner, 32, assaulted the victim during a 1:20 AM argument Monday in the man’s home in Huntington Township, which is about 45 miles southwest of Scranton.

As detailed in a District Court complaint, the victim discovered Huettner in his home when he returned from a local bar. Seen at right, Huettner reportedly began questioning the man about his whereabouts that evening.

As the couple argued, the victim told police, Huettner struck him numerous times, but he did not return the blows. The man added that he repeatedly asked Huettner to leave, but she ignored his requests.

The victim said he was subsequently injured as he sought to guide Huettner out of the residence. That is when she allegedly landed a punch squarely on the man’s genitals.

The strike tore open the victim’s scrotum, leaving one of his testicles exposed and bleeding. The man told police that Huettner seemed to immediately recognize the damage she had caused as she “appeared as though something was wrong.” At that point, the victim “observed his scrotum was torn open and his testicle was exposed.”

The victim was being treated inside an ambulance when first contacted by a Pennsylvania state trooper.

When later questioned by police, Huettner was “not forthcoming” about the altercation with her former boyfriend and “changed her stories numerous times,” the complaint states.

Huettner was arrested for aggravated assault, a felony, and three lesser charges, reckless endangerment, simple assault, and harassment. Booked into the Adams County Prison, Huettner was released from custody yesterday after posting $5000 bond. She is scheduled for a May 22 preliminary hearing. (1 page)