Shooting Suspect Linked To Compton Street Gang By Own Face, Mustache

Meet Jose Martinez.

The 27-year-old California man was arrested early Sunday for allegedly shooting at a vehicle in Sacramento. Martinez, a parolee, was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to his face, Martinez appears affiliated with a Los Angeles-based Latino gang known as Compton Varrio 155. As for his forehead ink, it appears that Martinez opted for a Blackletter font (Fraktur, perhaps?).

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You cannot have that kind of tattoos and being walking on the street like nothing. This "thing" looks extremely stupid.
i guess Compton Varrio 155 are the new loosers in town how could you ever take a guy with his face tatted up like that serious ? or keep from laughing
The tats were a clue to his identity. But, it was the monobrow that clinched it.
Yeah, let's ***in' tat all our faces with incriminating ink and call it a fun night with all the homies. What an absolute schlong pickler.
Illegals and their anchor babies are destroying America.
That's great dude. Don't you have a yahoo news article to troll somewhere?
He looks exactly like my dentist
What worries me is that the people sitting on the parole board thought it advisable to let this guy back out on the streets. Why aren't we holding parole board members responsible for the decisions they make that put members of the public at increased risk of harm from such *** as this?
My question is this. WHY do we even bother to parole gang members? Maybe there should be a law banning membership in "outlaw" gangs? These are people whose entire Life is devoted to crime, murder and mayhem, selling/using drugs and worst of all recruiting other KIDS to live their lifestyle. That is worse than molesting a child in my opinion. Either way that child is ruined and lost forever. We MUST take our society back from the vermin while we still HAVE a society.
The reason these outlaw gangs are allowed to exist is because they are a great fear mechinism that the government can use to prove to the sheeple that there is a need for every facist law that slowly bleeds your rights away. The government knows that the "War on Drugs" does nothing but allows this filth to make money with drugs, therefore allowing them to purchase illegal guns and anything else they need to further their enterprise. As long as these gang activities stay in the poor neighborhoods and not in the neighborhood of the politicians, they couldn't care less about it. And the politicians love the way these gangs suck up children. The rich love the fact that the poor in our society have embraced stupidity in every fasit of our lives. Our Education (controlled by the Politicians (Aka: the rich)) , our political ideology of believing that politician really give a crap about us, our television programming, our children thinking that being stupid in schools is cool, while smart is uncool and nerdy, and the list goes on and on. As long as we persistantly remain stupid, the politicians (aka: The Rich) can do whatever they want while we end up more worried about whats going to happen on the next episode of Jersey Shore.