Cops: Woman Attacked Sister With EpiPen

Victim stabbed multiple times by crazed sibling

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EpiPen Attack

FEBRUARY 12--A Florida Woman who repeatedly stabbed her sister with an EpiPen told cops that she was “allergic to drunks” and was simply trying to sober up the victim, according to a police report.

Investigators say that Joanna Zielinski, 62, and her sister Laura, 64, were drinking last night in their Naples home when Laura went to sleep on the couch. Joanna, cops allege, “stayed up and consumed more alcoholic beverages and narcotics.”

“At some point, Joanna went crazy and attacked Laura with an EpiPen, stabbing her with it multiple times,” police allege. The epinephrine injector is used to counter severe allergic reactions.

When questioned by Naples Police Department officers, Joanna said, “I’m allergic to drunks, so I injected her with the EpiPen so she wouldn’t be drunk anymore. What’s the big deal?” The injector, Joanna said, was prescribed to her.

EMS workers conducted a medical evaluation of Laura since she was “worried about the implications of being injected with EpiPen when she had no allergies and has no medical use” for the device.

Medical personnel determined that no medication was injected into Laura due to the way her sister was holding the EpiPen while attacking. The victim, however, was left with a large welt on her right thigh.

Joanna, pictured above, was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the Collier County jail on the misdemeanor count. She is scheduled to be arraigned on March 1. (2 pages)