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Assault Citation For 8-Year-Old

Boy accused of choking neighbor, 6, in dispute over toy

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Eight-Year-Old Bully Cited For Assault

MAY 26--An argument over a toy airplane led Monday to an eight-year-old Ohio boy being cited for assaulting a six-year-old neighbor, according to cops.

Witnesses described the child as a bully who frequently picked on younger kids, according to this Lorain Police Department report. When cops spoke with the older boy's father, Bryan Ball, he downplayed the incident, saying that kids were 'always playing and fighting.' He added that it was 'gay' that police had gotten involved in a dispute among juveniles.

For his part, the boy denied putting the younger child in a chokehold, claiming that he only punched the boy after he was hit first. The boy was cited for assault, and the matter was referred to Juvenile Court. (3 pages)