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Dopey Mule, Stupid Ass

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Dopey Mule, Stupid Ass

Sammy Davis, Jr. FBI Memo

Today, TSG's twice as nice:

1) Seems like U.S. Customs Service agents actually douse this nifty wallet insert. Because, according to this search warrant affidavit, when Willy Paulino-Rosario recently arrived at New York's JFK airport looking all sweaty and suspicious, well, they knew just what to do. And Willy: your digits will only prolong the inevitable. Because in the end, all things must pass. (3 pages)

2) When he wasn't snitching out Sinatra, sleazy gossip columnist Walter Winchell was dropping dimes on Sammy Davis, Jr. According to this 1956 FBI memo, Winchell once peddled a tale that Sammy split from a Broadway show due to underworld pressure. But Sammy told the G-men that it was a sore throat--and not death threats--that sidelined him from "Mr. Wonderful." (3pages)