Cops To Fetishist: Urine Trouble

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Cops To Fetishist: Urine Trouble

JOE MILLIONAIRE: Female finalist starred in bondage, fetish films.

Meet Kenneth Patrick Porche, Jr.

The 22-year-old weirdo is facing criminal charges for a bizarre incident in the women's bathroom at a Houma, Louisiana department store.

Following a 40-minute standoff, Porche was forcibly removed last Sunday (1/23) from a Dillard's stall after he surreptitiously collected urine samples from female shoppers.

According to this Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office report, Porche disabled the flushing mechanism in one toilet, then lined the bottom of the bowl with plastic film. When a woman finished using the disabled toilet--and departed the bathroom--Porche emerged from his perch in an adjacent stall to collect the remaining liquid.

When collared by an off-duty sheriff's detective moonlighting as store security, Porche was carrying four zip-lock bags thought to contain urine. Two of the confiscated bags were labeled with descriptions of their contents, such as "old woman." Along with a misdemeanor criminal mischief count, Porche has been hit with a felony "ritualistic acts" charge, which carries a maximum of five years in the can--the other can.

When a sheriff's deputy asked Porche if he had poached urine before, he replied, "this was the first time that he has got up the courage to do this." And when asked if he had discussed his fetish with his girlfriend, Porche said he had not, because "he believed that she would think it would be disgusting." (5 pages)