Cheerleader In Tawdry Sex Claims

Lawsuit: "Teabagging," groping, threats rife at Marshall University

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Cheerleader In Tawdry Sex Claims

JUNE 23--A West Virginia coed who landed a cheerleading scholarship to Marshall University is suing the school for discrimination, claiming that she was subjected to a "pervasive environment of sexual harassment" and abuse at the hands of male members of the squad who allegedly exposed themselves, fondled female team members, and even subjected some women to a so-called teabagging.

In an explicit June 13 Circuit Court complaint filed in Kanawha County, the cheerleader--identified only as "K.C."--alleges that male cheerleaders engaged in a wide variety of improper behavior and that the team's male captain exposed himself to her and "rubbed his testicles on the head and face of cheerleaders."

The woman, who enrolled at Marshall last year, also charges that the team's coaching staff did nothing to stop the harassment and even allowed the male squad members to call cheers by sexually tinged names such as "Bearded Clam [vagina]" and "String of Pearls [ejaculation]."

The lawsuit, a copy of which you'll find here, does not specify monetary damages. (7 pages)

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