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Blown Out Of Proportion?

Myrtle Beach cops bust student filmmakers for indecent exposure

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Blown Out Of Proportion?

JULY 6--Eight young moviemakers are facing indecent exposure charges for allegedly filming simulated sex acts on a South Carolina beach for a spring break-themed production.

Myrtle Beach cops rounded up the group--all of whom attend or have graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts--after witnesses reported seeing a woman "fellating or simulating fellatio" on a man late Wednesday evening. None of the witnesses, however, reported seeing any nudity, according to a July 2 Myrtle Beach Police Department report.

One of those busted told TSG that the group was filming "Beach Week," a comedy about six college students, and that "there was nothing illegal going on" during filming, which included no nudity.

The eight arrestees, seen in these mug shots, included actress Taylor Hancock, 21, and actor/director Joseph Flanders, 21. Flanders, pictured to the right of Hancock, declined to answer TSG questions about the incident.

After spending about 12 hours in custody, crew members were each released on $1000 bond.

Along with seizing camera equipment and the "Beach Week" script, cops also confiscated a jacket embroidered with the word "Police." The garment, a crew member told TSG, was to have been worn by an actor portraying a cop. The script called for the fictional policeman to issue a summons to Hancock and Flanders for their inappropriate display of affection. (3 pages)