Billy Graham's Daughter Arrested

Pastor's eldest, 59, in Florida domestic violence bust

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Billy Graham's Daughter Arrested

JULY 6--Meet Virginia Graham Foreman.

The 59-year-old Florida woman, the eldest child of Rev. Billy Graham, is facing a domestic violence rap for allegedly choking and pushing her husband during a bizarre roadway dispute last Friday.

As detailed to a charging affidavit, Foreman, a public speaker who has authored several Christian-oriented books, got into a beef with her husband Chad as he piloted a Mustang along State Road 44 in New Smyrna Beach. After Foreman abruptly placed the car in neutral, her husband "exited the vehicle to avoid an altercation."

According to witnesses, with the car now parked in the road with the driver's door open, Foreman followed her departing husband and "grabbed the victim by the neck in a choking manner." Foreman then got into the car and drove to the parking lot of an adjacent K-Mart, where her husband was reportedly hiding behind a truck.

When police asked Chad Foreman, 53, about his wife grabbing him around the neck, he replied that "she was upset and did not mean any harm by it." Chad said that Virginia was upset about an incident from earlier that evening, adding that "she did not need to be arrested."

Police disagreed, and charged Foreman with misdemeanor domestic violence and briefly booked her into the Volusia County Jail, where the adjacent mug shot was snapped.

Describing her bust as a "false arrest," Foreman told TSG that her hands were on her husband's shoulders, not around his throat. "If you knew my husband, you'd know that nobody puts their hands around his neck," she said. Foreman's statements to police were redacted from the charging affidavit due to a state law that prohibits the release of "confessions" until after a case is adjudicated. Foreman, however, disputed that she had admitted throttling her husband, telling TSG that she made no statements to the arresting officer. (3 pages)

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Was his sermon so boring that he was throttled?
It is tough being a Christian. People sometimes get it confused that Christians should be perfect. They are NOT. They are still weak humans and this shows just how much we need God. We are ALL sinners, we ALL need God's help to get through this.
What a load of sh*t. There is no god.