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Nicki Minaj Is A Very Demanding Diva

Rider specified star's "VERY IMPORTANT" needs

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Nicki Minaj Rider

FEBRUARY 23--With Nicki Minaj’s 2024 world tour set to launch next week, promoters everywhere should brace for dealing with a concert rider befitting a diva.

“For us to present the Full NICKI MINAJ Entertainment Experience, we need you to deliver every item listed in this rider,” declares the introduction to a prior Minaj rider detailing the rapper’s “Technical and Hospitality needs.”

Covering 40 pages, the Minaj rider details her show’s stage, lighting, and sound requirements, noting that local crew must be able to “communicate at all time in the English language,” or “producer/promoter must provided interrupter to work along side the staff/crew from load in to load out!”

The portion of the rider detailing the set up of Minaj’s dressing room runs several pages, with subsections covering “Furniture & Dressing Room Accommodations,” “Bathroom Requirements,” “Beauty, Health, & Hygiene,” “Water & Soft Drinks,” “Food & Condiments,” and “Wine & Alcohol.”

Minaj’s list of backstage demands is lengthy, with notations that many items are “VERY IMPORTANT.” Like “Regular Ranch AND Blue Cheese dressings” and a “WHITE Loveseat VERY IMPORTANT (NO EXCEPTIONS)!!!!!!”

Along with a pink toothbrush, Minaj needs four rolls of “Good Quality” toilet paper; four unscented Dove soap bars; a box of baby wipes; mouthwash; deodorant; Burt’s Bees facial wipes; contact lens solution; Pink Chiffon hand gel; five scented candles; two dozen pink or white roses; two pink IKEA table lamps; and many, many other items.

Her food requirements include two strip steaks (well done); “fresh Whole Kernel Corn (NOT Corn on the Cobb);” two “Grilled or Blackened Chicken Breast;” a deli tray; two cans of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup; a fruit platter; apples; peanut butter; cranberries; Blue Diamond almonds; four cans of Bumble Bee tuna; a jar of “Italian Whole Green Olives;” A.1. steak sauce; and Red Rooster Hot Sauce. Upon request, Minaj may also need “Twelve (12) pieces of fried chicken (SPICY WINGS, NO THIGHS).”

By comparison, the performer’s booze needs appear minimal: four bottles of wine, two bottles of Ciroc vodka, and single bottles of Moet champagne and Patron Silver tequila. She also demands four “Travel Size Bottles” of Sutter Home Chardonnay.

The “Nicki Minaj Entertainment Experience” begins anew on March 1 in Oakland, California. (4 pages)