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Linda Fiorentino's Bare Facts

Linda Fiorentino

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Linda Fiorentino's Bare Facts

If you believe Sharon Stone, that leg-crossing scene in "Basic Instinct" wasn't supposed to be so graphic. In fact, the actress claims the film's director went for the money shot without her knowledge. So we're sure Stone's contracts these days include an ironclad "nudity rider," a marvelous legal document that describes exactly what can and can't be shown.

Here's the standard nudity rider for TSG's favorite actress, the sultry Linda Fiorentino, who's starred in "The Last Seduction," "Men in Black," and "Dogma."

The rider, included in a recent lawsuit filed against Fiorentino in Los Angeles Superior Court, addresses crucial subjects like "lower posterior nudity" and hot girl-on-girl action. The agreement was signed in anticipation of nude scenes in "Til The End of Time," which was supposed to be filmed last summer and feature Fiorentino as Georgia O'Keeffe and Ben Kingsley as Alfred Stieglitz.

The film's producers have sued Fiorentino, claiming that her diva act forced them to shelve the production before filming even started--but after they paid her 600 grand. (4 pages)

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