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Flash: Toni Braxton Needs A Gravy Boat!

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Flash: Toni Braxton Needs A Gravy Boat!

Having once posted her bankruptcy papers, TSG already knew that Toni Braxton had expensive tastes. So we weren't too shocked after tracking down the singer's bridal registry at Tiffany & Co. (Toni was married in Atlanta on April 21). Braxton and hubby Keirston Lewis have put together a gift wish list that totals 362 items and carries a cumulative price tag of a whopping $81,075. Two $7000 silver trays. A $4000 tureen. A clock for $2990. And TSG's favorite--a platinum gravy boat for a mere $230. Of course, if you're real cheap, there's always a highball glass for 25 clams. When we last checked, only 79 items have been purchased, so you still have much to choose from. (3 pages)

This Ben Affleck guy is killing us.

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