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Howard Stern: Long Live The King!

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Howard's Celebrity Daughter

Beetlejuice Dwarf Tossing Police Report

DECEMBER 16--With Howard Stern today ending his long career on free radio (he's debuting January 9 on the Sirius satellite network), The Smoking Gun again wants to express our love for the King of All Media. Without him, his on-air sidekicks, and the freaky "wack pack," TSG would be without some of our favorite stories.

Presented below is a compendium of our Howard-related documents--call it TSG's Best of Stern. Adios, Howie. We'll see you on the other side.


$500 Million, Sirius Money

Station Drops Cost Stern Millions

FCC Socks Clear Channel

Senator Says Stern Still Indecent

The "Blumpkin" Fine

Protecting The Fartman Franchise

Mancow Gets Under Some (Thin) Skin

Howard Can Douche!

Stern's Very Demanding

The King And His Court

Hero To The Homeless?

The Swinging Manhattan Bachelor Pad

Howard's Celebrity Daughter

FCC Nails Howard. Again.

Candidate Stern's White Lies

A Previous Contract Squabble

The Ultimate Pitchman

Stern Stalker Busted

Stern Stalker Psych Report

Stern Stalker Sentenced


Bababooey: Guilty of Pa-pa-perjury?

Fred Norris Changes His Name

Artie Lange's Rap Sheet

Stuttering John Sues Sharon Stone

Overweight John Settles With Stone


Hank The Angry, Drunken Dwarf

RIP, Hank The Dwarf

Beetlejuice Dwarf Tossing Police Report

Sal The Stockbroker

Kielbasa Queen

Space Lesbian