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Boozin' Bush Twins 911 Call

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Boozin' Bush Twins 911 Call

Here's the 911 call placed to Texas cops by the Austin restaurant manager who blew the whistle on the margarita-lovin' Bush twins.

Mia Lawrence, who runs Chuy's, told a police operator on May 29 that she was dropping the dime because, "I just don't want our restaurant to get in trouble." Lawrence, who identifed Jenna Bush as "Laura Bush," said that while the underage drinking was "not a major emergency, it would be police, though."

Lawrence noted that she first tried to call the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), but that the liquor licensing agency was not open after hours (she dialed 911 around 10 pm). Lawrence added that Jenna's twin sister Barbara was also in the Mexican restaurant, "but because she wasn't in the paper recently, none of us recognized her..."

Listen to the 911 call here: