Jenna Bush: Didn't Learn Her Lesson?

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Jenna Bush: Didn't Learn Her Lesson?

Look, TSG has as much respect for the presidency as the next web site, but you gotta figure that First Daughter Jenna Bush is going to turn up soon in one of those "Girls Gone Wild" videotapes.

Just two weeks after copping to an underage drinking charge, the 19-year-old party girl has been rapped (along with twin sister Barbara) for another Texas booze incident. The Austin Police Department today (May 31) issued Jenna a misdemeanor citation for using someone else's driver's license in a failed bid to order a drink at a Mexican restaurant on May 29 (sister Barbara got nailed for successfully obtaining booze that same evening).

The new citation is Jenna's second scrape with the law in recent weeks. On May 16, as these Municipal Court records show, Jenna pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol (the legal drinking age in Texas is 21). As part of the plea--which would have expunged the case from Bush's record if she behaved herself for a whole 60 days--Jenna was ordered to "commit no further offenses against the laws of the State of Texas and the City of Austin."

Perhaps Jenna didn't read the fine print.

If young Bush gets cited in the new booze probe, she could have her lenient punishment in the first case (a $51.25 fine, eight hours of community service, and an alcohol awareness course) revoked and prosecutors might seek a formal criminal conviction and a suspension of her driver's license. (7 pages)

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