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Bad Nudes For Penthouse

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Bad Nudes For Penthouse

Like most avid tennis fans, TSG could have told Bob Guccione that Anna Kournikova was not the gal supposedly pictured in those "exclusive" nude photos appearing in this month's Penthouse.

In fact, it now appears that the woman photographed topless is the daughter-in-law of fashion designer Luciano Benetton.

According to this federal lawsuit filed yesterday (5/6) by Judith Soltesz-Benetton, Penthouse misidentified the 28-year-old New Jersey native as the Russian tennis star. Soltesz-Benetton contends that the unauthorized photographs were taken about seven years ago while she was sunbathing topless in Miami.

In seeking damages in excess of $10 million, Soltesz-Benetton--who is the mother of a 2-year-old and is pregnant with her second child--claims the racy photos have caused her great embarrassment. Pending a court hearing next week, Judge Denny Chin has barred Penthouse from distributing any more copies of its new issue or posting the supposed Kournikova nudes on the magazine's web site. (10 pages)

UPDATE: Photog swears he thought those were Kournikova's nipples.

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