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"Twilight" Fan Busted For Biting Lie

Girl made up attack story to mask “fantasy behavior”


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Vampire Attack Report

FEBRUARY 11--A 15-year-old “Twilight” fan who claimed she was assaulted while jogging admitted to cops that bite marks and bruises suffered during the purported attack were actually the result of “fantasy biting behavior,” according to investigators.

The Florida girl was charged with making a false report and booked yesterday into the Monroe County jail. She was later released into her mother’s custody.

According to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office report, the girl told cops last August that she had been attacked while jogging one night in Marathon. She claimed that her assailant jumped out of the bushes and struck her in the head. The suspect, she added, knocked her to the ground and tried to remove her shirt, but she “was able to fight off the attacker and the person fled.”

After an investigator determined that marks on the girl’s neck and arms could not have been caused by the attack she described, the teen confessed to fabricating the story “to explain the physical marks left behind after she’d willingly engaged in fantasy biting behavior with an adult male neighbor.” The girl added that “she knew her mother would be mad if she knew what had actually occurred.”

When first contacted by police, the girl gave investigators the name of a possible suspect, a former friend she knew had previously been in trouble with the law. She did this, cops allege, “with the intent of misleading officers.”

Investigators described the teenager as a fan of the “Twilight” series of movies and books.

The name of the young biting enthusiast has been redacted from the sheriff’s report since she is only facing a misdemeanor count. The man who bit her, Ariel Diaz, a 19-year-old high school student, was not charged in connection with the incident since the encounter was “consensual,” according to a sheriff’s spokesperson. Diaz is pictured above. (2 pages)

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What a b***h. She almost got into trouble someone completely un-related for her stupidity and she will probably get away with this untouched. As stormee said, this has happened several times before. As long as people making false allegations are not prosecuted lot of people are going to suffer for things they didn't do.
Been reading a lot of Star Wars latley... anyone want to shove me in a metal tube and send me into space? Will not press charges.
A swift kick in the ass is all she needs.
This dumb girl trying to live out some stupid "twilight" fantasy ??? *sigh* and people wonder why Americans are dumb...I fear for our future with incompetents like this becoming the "norm"
Yes, you're correct. The only stupid people on this entire planet are Americans. /facepalm
Being young is not an excuse when someones life or career can be damaged by a false report.
It is pretty scary to know that this has probably happened before where a girl reported a made-up story to cops just to "get back" at some guy and get him in trouble. That's why sometimes REAL victims aren't believed, too. Least she DOES have the excuse of being young. Just this once tho.....