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Child Marker Arrest

DECEMBER 22--A 13-year-old boy was arrested Friday for using a permanent marker while in class at his Oklahoma City middle school, a violation of an obscure city ordinance.

According to an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the boy was spotted “in possession of a permanent marker” by Roosevelt Middle School teacher DeLynn Woodside. The 50-year-old educator told cop Miguel Campos that the student was “writing on a piece of paper, which caused it to bleed over onto the desk.”

Woodside, pictured at right, reported that the child, whose name was redacted by police from the report, attempted to hide the marker when she asked him for it. Strangely, Woodside’s Facebook page reveals that her “likes and interests” include the official “Sharpie Permanent Markers” page on Facebook.

Campos reported that he allowed Woodside, a seventh grade math teacher, to “sign a citation” against the boy, who was then transported to the Community Intervention Center, a juvenile holding facility. A police sergeant subsequently “booked the marker into the property room.”

A police spokesman referred to the student’s bust as a “citizen’s arrest” effectuated by Woodside.

The marker ban--which apparently is aimed at curbing graffiti--stems from a city ordinance making it illegal to possess spray paint or a permanent marker on private property (without the owner’s permission). (2 pages)

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Thank you for being candid. It explains why after all this time, you haven't mustered anything better than the "fat, fatty, fat!" line of debate. I will take it as a sign you have capitulated.
I will never surrender to you Redrover. I think this is very entertaining. I like it when you call me Sparky. It really puts me in the mood to go and visit my sheep or take a dump, which ever comes first. You are my hero, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are the one and only. Good times.
LOL. Thanks.
You crack me up sparky! This teacher called the cops because their is an overabundance of fools like you breeding these days.
Ok, after reading and reading, Redrover, has strayed from the main issue at hand. This does not pertain to “gangs” or “Hispanics”. It pertains to one teacher, who apparently is a gung-ho vigilantly, and a student, for whatever reason had a “permanent” marker. I mean for the love of god it is just a marker there is no need to call in the troops over a dang marker. Seriously, people get a grip! I am not trying to defend or prosecute anybody, but this teacher needs to understand that there is a time and place to call the police and have them dispatched to the school. The police have better things to do than worry about a student armed with a marker. Marker or not if someone is going to “tag” or graffiti something they will do it regardless of what they do it with. It is just plain and simple as that.
Strayed from the main issue? The main issue as you pointed out is that the teacher contacted the cops. Dismissing the fact that the instrument was banned, that the student refused to surrender it, that the student was vandalizing the desk and that there is a high probability that he is a gang member and thug.................. is disingenuous and purposely obtuse. It is just plain and simple as that.
You know, not ALL kids at my school are gang members.
As a teacher then, I assume that you picked up on that fact from my comment. I hadn't suggested they were. However, I believe there is a greater possibility that the kid using a banned instrument to vandalize his desk and openly defy his teacher, has a higher probability of being a punk...... than a professional, respected, tenured teacher, of being a "NAZI pig". Just sayin'. It's a fault of mine that I give adults the benefit of the doubt, until proven otherwise, in their dealings with teenagers. It doesn't really take a genius to see that this story is lacking in critical information and slanted to make the teacher appear to be an unhinged monster. I don't buy it. Remember, next time this could be you.
High probability that he is a gang member and a thug? If you don't know this woman or the situation, you're an idiot to assume such a thing. Face it, you're Woodside and you're a worthless piece of crap. Have fun being unemployed. Teachers like you are the reason the economy is so bad. Stupid people teaching other people to be stupid.
Face it sparky, a colleague of this teacher has posted, another provided you with demographics and a profile of the school and it turns out you are simply too obtuse to process the information.
That picture looks like Sigourney Weaver ate an elephant. Redrover is either a friend of mrs. piggy or is mrs.piggy. She thinks by condescening people on a news site hourly(get a life) she can hide the fact that this woman is what is wrong with America. Over-indulgence, judgemental and closeminded. I saw many situations of defiance from kids during 1-12 grades and not once was a police officer called.
I must be, otherwise there's no other explanation for me not joining you and the rest of the herd in bovine group-think. It's interesting that your criticism of this women begins and ends with a personal attack. But listen, I understand what motivates you. You aren't very bright and have a need to belong.
"It's interesting that your criticism of this women begins and ends with a personal attack." ------ Is this a joke? You are a hypocrite that is clearly delusional and not fit to teach anyone. You've made racist remarks about the school being full of Hispanics. You've referred to someone as trailer park which is also prejudice. You've called a kid an idiot, punk, thug etc. You are a miserable human being and clearly suck at life. Have fun being sued or watching your friend sued. One way or the other, you clearly have a direct involvement with this grinch. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you are Woodside. She weighs 300 pounds and you have no life. People with no life are usually overweight because they sit around doing nothing.
I referred to the school being predominantly Hispanic and gang ridden because it's a matter of public record. Teachers are calling the cops on students as young as six years old these days because their trailer-park parents will sue if someone so much as breathes on their precious little cretin. Own it.
this broad ought to be booked on felony fat and ugly charges and needs to mind her own damn bussiness
Hilter, gays, public schools, what do these have to do with an asinine law? I am sure the decrease of graffiti in OKC (due to this law) can be demonstrated convincingly. The police didn't charge the boy under the ordinance because it is public property and they were not defacing public and/or private property. So why did this teacher feel the need to save OKC from this Sharpie wielding miscreant? If this wasn't the first time this individual flaunted the law why didn't the teacher take action sooner? There is more to this than meets the eye.
And the award for Worst Teacher Of The Year goes to Redrover's wife, Mrs. Woodside. Terrible teacher and worse disciplinarian. I have a question for you Redrover... You defend this woman by saying she is a great teacher that teaches at a bad school. If she is so great and the school is so bad, why doesn't she have a job at a better school? The obvious assumption would be that she isn't a good teacher.
well, I am a teacher at this school. And I personally think I am a good teacher. We all (well I assume because I do) teach at this school by choice.
I am a conservative and do not care much for the teachers union's inclination to support bad teachers. However, most of the people commenting here are from the extremes of the far left and right. I cannot condone the vile condemnation of this teacher without first hearing her side of the story. AND, this story has purposely held back so much information as to deliberately make this woman look like a fool. Adults ought to always give fellow adults and those we task with teaching our children, the benefit of the doubt. That is not happening here and quite frankly, the next time this could be you.
It's not her husband. It's her. The things that make this clear are 1. The obsession with this article and the comments under it. Someone uninvolved would not be this obsessed, unless they are unbalanced enough to identify strongly enough with the woman to spend hours checking for new comments. 2. The intensity of emotion and lack of clarity of thought around the issue. Again, this points to someone personally involved. 3. The things she picks out and remembers. One obscure post was in support of the woman, and Redrover refers to it at least twice in her posts. This one short post in the midst of hundreds of comments about this subject is Very Important to Redrover. Ask yourself why the one supporting comment would be so important to Redrover. 4. The wounded "Why don't you just call her fat again..." comment is a dead giveaway for obvious reasons. 5. This writer is a woman. The speech patterns are female. If it's the teacher posting these posts (which can be verified easily by tracing the IP address,) it proves that she is unbalanced. It fits... a person out of control will try to grasp for control by sending children to jail for using a marker, and an out of control person will try to grasp for control of their public persona NOT by not doing insane things, but by bullying people who see them in a negative light. An out of control person will eat too much and not exercise, but become self righteous if anyone dare mention their weight. They will never solve the real problem and gain real control. They will simply try to bully people into not talking about the problem, not seeing the problem. If Redrover is the teacher, then I guarantee she actually had this little child arrested because he saw something about her or said something about her that she wanted to deny, so she had to silence him. Just like she wants to silence the people here who see that she has lost control.
It's all very simple sweety. A punk in a gang ridden school refused to obey a teacher and got hauled away. Suck it up. can just go back to your trailer-park psychoanalysis.
LOL! I had no idea you could stack silly crap this high sparky!
Scat sparky. You aren't worth my time.
Someday some preacher is going to continually refuse to follow along with the rule that says nothing remotely offensive could be said about homosexuals in the pulpit. He'll be surrounded by the local to Fed authorities and eventually gunned down or accidentally killed from being zapped one too many times by tazer guns. Soon after the next "shot heard around the world" will be fired. I suspect or hope that the 13 year old vandal with the pen will likely be of empathy for rebellious preacher and inspired by the preacher's resistence to authorities and those that followed along with the proper trigger squeezing. The teacher who tattled the boy out to the authorities will no doubt have nothing but condemnation for those religious rule breakers and probably tattle on a few guerillas her midst.
Crazed ideologues always try to spread the falsehood that law is preventing preaching against gays. The facts don't back up the rhetoric. No one will burst into a church and arrest people for what's said in the pulpit, whether it's hate speech or not. In this case, it is, but it's still First Amendment protected hate speech. What the law does provide is a punishment for INCITING someone to commit a hate crime against another person. If the preacher is in the pulpit preaching for the death of homosexuals, in fact encouraging it, he can, and should, be held accountable for those actions (e.g. the despicable people at Westboro who will one day be held accountable when they incite someone to commit such an act, God forbid, though). I shouldn't be surprised by how many people are paranoid about the "black helicopters", as though some FBI special ops unit is going to burst into people's homes snatching their guns and busting into their churches dragging away their preachers. They fail to realize that this is America, land of the free. Of course, that doesn't mean free to do just anything. That would be anarchy, and the very people that keep complaining that America isn't really free because there are things they can't do are the same ones trashing the anarchists that show up to protest various things in the country and world. I could go on and on, but I'll end that there for now, because it's a crying shame that a story about a kid getting arrested for having a marker had to get turned into this foolishness. As for the kid, if it was against the rules, there should be discipline, but the measures she took were insane. Judges exercise discretion when passing a conviction, giving harsher punishments than most would expect a chrage to carry for someone the judge sees as a major threat, and are more lenient with some that aren't a threat or likely to be repeat offenders. You'd think this woman could have used her brain and exercised discretion herself. Very stupid.
Duh ! This happens ALL the time ! The idiots that tried to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral were led by an idiot preacher who claims US deaths in Iraq are God's punishment for America tolerating homosexuals. So what you describe has already happened, and nobody cared. Other than these idiots making fools of themselves and dishonoring a grieving family's private event.
Yeah, I'm very familiar with (in name of building only) Westboro Baptist church. They are lawyers and perfect characters for turning people against anyone that tells the truth about homosexuality. (They'll no doubt be of great assistance in bringing my scenario to reality) If they were out telling the world about meriKa being a homosexualist society, they'd be right. So was Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Checkout the book The Pink Swastika. by Kevin Abrams sometimes. The only things closely resembling my scenario that has come about in recent history would be Waco. Problem there was that the Davidians were different and not the kind of folks that mainstream sheeplehood could get all riled up about. Plus the Davidians had zero voice in the court of media to counter the slander coming out of Clinton Admined Progressive government and Bag Lady Governed Texas. Further and most importan: it was during a time when a greater number of people treated the mainstream media as gospel truth. People don't buy into their bs these days like they did back then. The next closet thing would be the Baptist church in Indiana that had their church taken from them by the taxman. But nobody got killed as they caved like good sheep.
You may not be aware, but the Nazis had the death penalty for homosexuality. "The Pink Swastika" is hogwash.
Thanks for mentioning that. Everyone who actually uses their brain instead of believing every little bit of nonsense that they can find to back up the voices in their head knows everything about the Nazis, and this is one that shouldn't be in doubt... although I doubt Elmer would believe it if he even went back in time and saw it for himself. Homosexuals were in concentration camps with everyone else that the Nazis persecuted, and if my history knowledge is correct, most, if not all of them, were kept imprisoned even after Germany's defeat because the Allies persecuted homosexuals in those days as well. It was a sad, terrible time in history that too many people try to manipulate and twist around to serve their own purposes. That's just shameful, showing a disrespect for everyone that suffered in those days for no other reason than to persecute people these days by throwing up the "Nazi Card" at anyone that disagrees with them.
They tried to make it illegal in Ohio for minors to posses markers. It was voted down, big time! I always thought Oklahoma more conservative than goofy liberal Ohio. I guess I was wrong. Ohio has more common sense on this one. They always tell us to buy a couple sharpies for the kids to bring to school, when school starts. Arresting a kid for having a sharpie? That's just stupid. If my kid got taken down to a police station for having a sharpie, I know a teacher and a school that would get ripped a new one, BY ME! Liberal idiots that think up such stupid laws! LIBERAL=MORON!
You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Liberal cities like Detroit, where I live, don't try to put these laws into place. This sounds nothing like a Liberal idea to me at all, and I should know, as I'm a Liberal, and proud of it. Liberals freed the slaves. Republicans, yes, but LIBERAL Republicans. Liberals ended segregation. They gave me the right to vote, as, being part African American, I wouldn't have been allowed to vote otherwise. Liberals are the ones who got women like you the right to have your voice heard by giving YOU the right to vote. Liberals ended the evil law that denied people of different races to marry, without which I, and millions of others, would likely not have been born. It's Liberals, ma'am, who have fought and died for so many of the freedoms we have in this country. It's always, without fail, been conservatives that have tried to enact laws to deny people personal freedoms. All of those things I mentioned that Liberals have done for this country, are things conservatives did too this country. Liberals are concerned about the safety of the nation in ways that you likely can't understand. Without them, you'd be drinking poisoned water and breathing toxic fumes on a daily basis from conservatives wanting corporations to be allowed more freedom than human beings so that they can pollute our country for the almighty buck. Millions of elderly avoid sinking into poverty because of Liberals. Conservatives would have them rot in their homes without a dime to call their own. And no, it's not from government handouts. It's from Social Security, which they've paid into all their lives to afford to survive in old age. Conservatives consistently oppose all of it. So, when you look at this case and assume it's Liberals because you disagree with the law and hate Liberals (so your Conservatives in your mind couldn't possibly been behind this) remember Conservatives think of themselves as people who put law and order above civil liberties.
No....... conservatives believe that liberty is only civil if you have law and order.
Ohio, Liberal ? I've been to Ohio. Ohio is only liberal compared to Arizona. And your premise is invalid. Busting kids for stupid laws is NOT a Liberal value. Brainless devotion to rules... that's the other guys. Now, Liberal values... that would be legalizing Marijuana to cripple the drug trade and allow farming Hemp.
you're thinking Classical liberals who are todays Libertarians and as different as night and day to the progressive Democrats that, like homosexuals, manipulate peope with titles like "liberal" and "gay." I'm all for Libertarians Libertarians are for a truly free market. Government and all its created monopolies OUT!!! Silver and gold standard monetary system IN. Not only can ya grow pot in your own back yard with Libertarians, but you could go to your local Wal Mart and buy a full auto UZI or whatever gets your goat, no questions or ID asked. NeoConservatives, which made up much of the Bush and Mccain voting crowd, would continue the fruitless and often in hypocrisy war on some drugs and have only a few gun laws. Democrats would want to tax you out of being able to afford to have a yard to grow any kinda garden in.. AND those black people aren't "bright" and civilized enuff to have their own guns so lets ban them all from everybody (except our bodyguards) for the good of all God's children. Libertarians would never involve us in pointless military industrial complex enriching, pinko global wealth redistributing, global police actions and natio invadings that both Republicrats and Demopublicans love to get us into. The ideal is a country run completely by Libertarians with a largely Baptist attending citzenry. You could be a muslim if yah want and even be a homosexual. but you won't be able to force your ills down our throats using the government. Hey, you don't have to take a christian tract from Mr. Religiosity while walking through the grocery store parking lot, you can even loudly tell him to go fook himself while you head to the bath house or smelly Mosque. Church and barbeque chicken on Sunday, a little freshly picked out of the garden munchy inducer too, if you're the backsliding kind, that is. People are too skeered of that kinda freedom others too control freakish
So you're saying you want people to walk to Walmart and buy an Uzi so they can do god knows what with it, and saying how good Libertarians are because you can grow your own pot, yet talking about Christianity in the same breath? I won't take time to point out the hypocrisy. As I said to AgentMom, it was the Liberals you hate that freed slaves, gave blacks and women the right to vote, ended segregation, and so many other freedoms we wouldn't have without them. You say that Libertarian society would prevent people from forcing their "ills" down your throat with government, yet it sounds like you want a government that would force YOUR ills down our throats. How do you envision a country that's "largely Baptist". Libertarians arent a Theocrat party. Not that I'm aware of. A truly Christian nation would never let people starve because "I don't want the gov't taking my money to help others!" A true Christian nation, following the teachings of Jesus, would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, help the helpless. As for your obsession with homosexuality, NEWS FLASH! Just because you don't agree with someone's right to freedoms doesn't mean them having those rights forces anything down your throat! You'd be one of those that protested interracial unions because having a mixed marriage would be forcing something down your throat (even though it doesn't affect you in any way). Truly Libertarian society wouldn't be concerned with who marries whom. Interracial marriages, same sex marriages, etc wouldn't be an issue, because people's freedoms, theoretically, wouldn't be denied by zealots who want to force their views down everyone's throats. Gay rights isn't having an affect on you or forcing anything down your throat, but you trying to force your skewed religious opinion on people to deny them their freedoms IS forcing it down others throats. If you'd live your life, stop worrying about what others are doing with theirs, you'd be a lot happier... Geez, Louise!
"Classical liberals who are todays Libertarians " The problem with that is that there are six different kinds of Libertarian. So it's impossible to make sweeping statements like that. 1/6th of Libertarians are probably Liberal. 1/6th are anti-tax anarchists that don't even want a military or schools or gun laws. 1/6th are anti-tax anarchists that DO want a strong Military but not schools or gun laws. 1/6th are anti-tax conservatives, 1/6th are basically neo-con whackjobs that love war, and 1/6th are probably true Free Thinkers. "Progressive Democrats that, like homosexuals, manipulate peope with titles like "liberal" and "gay."" No. I AM a Progressive. People make up their own labels, WE have no need to assign labels OR manipulate them. (If we were good at that we would be running EVERYTHING.) "Democrats would want to tax you out of being able to afford to have a yard to grow any kinda garden in" Income taxes are at a 62 year low point, so your statement doesn't fly. Democrats want the Rich to pay their fair share, as they control 40% of America's wealth and often pay a low percentage in taxes through various tax dodges. What prevents people from having the American Dream is low wages. Compare the hourly wage in Germany versus America. And consider that BMW is set to open a factory HERE because of cheaper labor. They can pay American engineers half as much and get away with it. If we enact tariffs against cheap Chinese goods we can protect American jobs and reverse the decline. We lost 47,000 factories under Bush W ! America's real problem is the creeping rise of Fascism. Look it up. The real meaning of Fascism is a government dominated and controlled by corporations... Mussolini coined the term. With the rise of Lobbyists we're creeping closer and closer to government being for sale.
Is it just me or does it look like they crossed out all the personal info on the police report with a permanent marker??? i hope the person that did that wasnt on private property.
Haha! Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh. :)
"The marker ban--which apparently is aimed at curbing graffiti--stems from a city ordinance making it illegal to possess spray paint or a permanent marker on private property (without the owner’s permission)." It was a Middle School, which, unless I'm mistaken is NOT private property, but property bought with taxes which makes it public property---bought and paid for with state income taxes. It would appear that she jumped the gun on busting a kid with a sharpie. This zero tolerance cr-p is just that---cr-p. They need to get over themselves and get a life AND a sense of humor...I think I saw theirs under the bed torturing dust bunnies.
If you decide at some time in the future to read the two page source document, you will discover that the issue involved a permanent marker, not a sharpie, and the arrest was precipitated by the child's refusal to surrender it. As to whether middle-school property is private or public property, I suggest you test the theory. When school reopens after the holidays, take a permanent marker and a can of spray paint and conceal them on your person. Go visit your local middle school and begin wandering the halls. I am confident that in a very short period of time someone will give you the opportunity to explain that you are on public property. See how that works out for you.
You do know that a Sharpie is a permanent marker, don't you? You do know that Sharpie is just the brand name of a particular marker, don't you? It's like how almost everyone says Vaseline when they refer to petroleum jelly, no matter what brand they buy.
Perhaps, however, one of your compatriots was using the argument earlier that not only was this poor darling only using a "sharpie" but that they are easily cleaned up with a bit of alcohol and are in fact not permanent markers. It's difficult keeping up with the permutations of excuses provided for this sweet child.
Schools are Public property. But they aren't public access. Like a courthouse. If you don't have business there you may be asked to leave. Schools are required to protect students by restricting access to them.
Indeed, I agree. And being such, are entitled to establish whatever rules they see fit on that property. I think that the cover story for these source document unfairly trivializes the issue. I don't especially care whether he was caught with a permanent marker or bag of gummy bears. Overall, if this kid is only charged with possession of the marker he will be fortunate. The real issue here and for which there are now very serious laws on the books, was his refusal to cooperate with the teacher and the disruption of the class. As bad as the teachers unions have become it is not fair to make a target of a highly respected teacher trying to do her job in a 90% hispanic, gang ridden school.
With statements like "refusal to cooperate", "disruption of the class", a reference to the "very serious laws on the books" concerning permanent markers, along with the bemoaning of unions making a "target of a highly respected teacher tring to do her job" - I'm lead to believe that the redrover is either: the teacher in question, a cop, or a prosecuting attorney. I say this because it takes the ignorance of a true fool to 1) Believe that the sick joke called the U.S. criminal justice system actually brings about justice, and 2) To justify the arrest of a 13 yr old for violation of a permanent marker ordinance. The ends do not justify the means. The police reports do not mention any violence or threats of violence made by the juvenille. I also fail to understand why the school being 90% hispanic is pertinent to the story, unless you happen to be a racist. In the "gang-ridden" schools of Chicago,Il very near to where I live, the teachers actually face serious safety concerns. Guns, violence, abuse, addiction, neglect and poverty are commonplace. Children and young adults get shot and killed accidentally and intentionally on the way to and from school. These tragedies are played out in the news every year, when children as young as 4 get caught in the crossfire of rounds meant for someone else. Maybe we could stop the violence if we had laws like Ohio and more teachers like the redrover. With all the permanent markers out of the hands of these demon spawn 13 yr olds who let ink bleed through onto their desks, crime would be a thing of the past. If the biggest problem in your middle school is kid(s) with markers, count your f--ing blessings. It could, and in most places, is worse.
Your Reynolds Wrap helmet is a little too tight.
"And being such, are entitled to establish whatever rules they see fit on that property." Within REASON. Not just ANY rule. Possession of a marker is not a criminal offense, it's a school disciplinary issue. Calling the cops makes the teacher look weak, AND wastes their time. We have a law here in Michigan that only Cop cars and Emergency vehicles can mount certain colored lights; Red, Blue, and Yellow. Which was fine, until somebody started selling little valve stem blinkers and neon light kits. And certain less-than-bright individuals decided the law applied not only to full-size 12 volt "Alley Sweeper" lights but the tiny, tiny lights too. Dumb, right? The law was meant to identify official vehicles and prevent cop impersonators, not prevent neon light kits or decorative lights. But the cops were handing out tickets for these tiny twinkle lights. (Personally I like the neon light kits as they make cars more visible on a dark night.) Any rule can be abused. The teacher was frustrated and pulled a "nuclear option". Her reputation is now in the toilet and the students will hate her.
I knew about the law regarding lights. We have too many people in Michigan trying to impersonate the authorities... though I'm sure it's a nationwide issue. I didn't know about the little light kit thing and cops ticketing people for it... in fact, I don't think I've ever seen or heard about these kits. I wouldn't know where to find them haha. But was this near Detroit anywhere? Admittedly, for better or worse, I don't pay much attention to local news. I'm too wrapped up in the national news. But you are right on the money. People are abusing their authority. The laws are there for a reason, usually, but people don't care to enforce them properly. Abuse of power is rampant in this country, sadly. I think to the situation we have now with tasers, where authorities, whether cops or bodyguards or security or what have you, will taze someone a at the drop of a hat just because they have a "nonlethal" weapon now. I mean, for crying out loud, they've tazed children just because they were unruly... not even violent or anything... and it makes you wonder, even if they're violent, why a grown man, or woman, trained in enforcing the law, can't handle a child without a taser. Maybe they should think of another line of work. This teacher... I wouldn't call for her to find other work, but she needs to learn how to use her authority, make judgment calls. This was idiotic judgment. Whether the school is bad or not, a marker is hardly an issue that needs the police involved... I wonder who got raped or mugged or killed while they were wasting time with this foolishness...
She may very well have pulled the nuclear option. However, one of her colleagues posted here that she was in fact reasonable and respected and that the school is gang infested. Perhaps in that case she ought to be given at least equal consideration. Don't you think?
"one of her colleagues posted here" Yeah, the problem is, we can't prove that claim. And the "gang infested" bit is an obvious red herring.