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Boy, 13, Busted For Illegal Marker Possession

Oklahoma math teacher in citizen's arrest of student

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Child Marker Arrest

DECEMBER 22--A 13-year-old boy was arrested Friday for using a permanent marker while in class at his Oklahoma City middle school, a violation of an obscure city ordinance.

According to an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the boy was spotted “in possession of a permanent marker” by Roosevelt Middle School teacher DeLynn Woodside. The 50-year-old educator told cop Miguel Campos that the student was “writing on a piece of paper, which caused it to bleed over onto the desk.”

Woodside, pictured at right, reported that the child, whose name was redacted by police from the report, attempted to hide the marker when she asked him for it. Strangely, Woodside’s Facebook page reveals that her “likes and interests” include the official “Sharpie Permanent Markers” page on Facebook.

Campos reported that he allowed Woodside, a seventh grade math teacher, to “sign a citation” against the boy, who was then transported to the Community Intervention Center, a juvenile holding facility. A police sergeant subsequently “booked the marker into the property room.”

A police spokesman referred to the student’s bust as a “citizen’s arrest” effectuated by Woodside.

The marker ban--which apparently is aimed at curbing graffiti--stems from a city ordinance making it illegal to possess spray paint or a permanent marker on private property (without the owner’s permission). (2 pages)

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This teacher just described for you a school that is 90% hispanic and gang ridden. How should she then respond when one of them refuses to relinquish a tagging instrument while she is trying to keep order and teach the three Rs to the rest of the class? Let's be honest, you keep your kids at home and school them there because you know perfectly well that this little angel that you feel so bad for, might just as well slide a sharp knife between the ribs of your little darling. And that scares the hell out of you.
How about a little common sense. What most people haven't figured out is schools are no longer about education. They are indoctrination centers. Now I am 60 years old. This is what would have most likely happened when I was in school. 1. John you need to put the pen away and bring it home and leave it there. You know there is a rule about sharpies. I'm sure you would never write on any school property but another student might. 2. John, you know there is a rule about sharpies, give it to me and pick it up at the end of the day. Now what would those two scenarios I just wrote have accomplished? Self respect, personal responsibility. Of course none of these are being taught in school anymore. You must give respect to get it. I remember when someone wrote on a desk and they were caught doing it, they had to stay after school and wash all the desks down. Not being charged with a crime and being arrested. Just start paying attention to what you're children are learning in school today. Five year olds are being given condoms because moron teachers and school principals don't have the common sense to think for themselves. it was a new rule and they didn't have the critical thinking skills to make a common sense decision that this rule didn't apply to toddlers. These people are zombies of the coming new world order. This is what they are teaching our kids. How about the five year old that was suspended for sexual harassment for hugging his classmate? Or the kid that was arrested for distributing drugs for sharing her cough drops. Are these the people you really want educating your kids?. This is why I home school my granddaughter. God Help Us! .
Self respect and personal responsibility were taught at home back then, not in school. When you were in school, kids were taught that their teacher was entitled to respect, not that she had to earn it. It was terrible back then, we didn't have gangs in our schools, taggers defacing the property or metal detectors at the entrance. I was there when you were in school. It was safer, and we graduated a lot smarter.
This is precisely why we home school! I honestly thought Oklahomans had more common sense than this situation exhibits.
You know it was a black marker maybe the evil 13 year old is prejudice also! This should be a hate crime!!!!! (This is sarcasm for those that might really think this way) - Todd Charske
Looks like it's time for the TSA to introduce backscatter xrays and patdowns at the entrances of all schools!!
This "crime" story is even published in the European news. Not because of the boys crime but the ridiculous reaction of the teacher, school and police. To arrest a 13 year old and put him in jail for a citation like this confirms once more the mental health off many US citizens. Scary country.
Fire the idiot teacher who reported this; fire the idiot principal; fire any idiot teacher or idiot staff member who agrees with reporting this kid to the police; fire the cop who took this kid downtown. Get these total morons off the government payroll. I'm sick of paying the wages of morons via my taxes.
The roots of this problem lie in parents' refusal to properly monitor, discipline, and control their children. When I was a kid, police were almost never called to the school, save for the rare times when there was a serious accident on school grounds, or had to pick up a kid because of a serious problem or accident affecting his family while he was in school. Arrests on school property were almost unheard of - usually they would take place at the student's home. If you got into trouble with the teacher, you'd get marched down to the office. Then the principal would yell at you, and if the infraction warranted it, you'd get a few whacks with the strap. Then the office would call your parents to let them know what happened, and you'd find yourself in twice as much trouble when you got home. Plus, when you got back from the office, you'd find all the other kids laughing at you for being so stupid as to get into trouble this way. So, bottom line, getting into trouble with the teacher, disrespecting the teacher, or refusing to hand over contraband simply wasn't worth it. Consequences for misbehavior were swift, and didn't get turned into a huge federal case. Plus, students quickly learned that respect is a two-way street: respect the teacher, and they'll respect you. I get the sense that a lot of teachers are afraid to deal more firmly with students for fear the kid might have a gun or a knife tucked away.
Well said. Not only must they be concerned that the kid may have a weapon but can be assured that his parents have a lawyer itching for a payday.
You're still posting non-stop? As I said before, you clearly know this woman or you seriously need a life. I'm also pretty sure you're now posting under two screen names and are responding to yourself.
LOL! Run along sparky.
Good one? Funny that you've never denied knowing the teacher who sucks at her job.
Why would I waste my time addressing that sort of drivel? You lack a coherent argument and have been reduced to calling me and this teacher names. You haven't addressed the issue or source documents at all. You are a simple-minded lame brain. A clown, a goof, a low-information twit. You read the cover story and never went any deeper. You are a shallow, herd animal and a boob. Anyway, Merry Christmas sparky.
Arrested for using a marker? What a civilized society! Who knew Iran had an Oklahoma too! No stable civilized society would do this. Only countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and America would act like this. Imagine what an angry hate filled people you have to be to want to ruin a child's life for using a marker. I think the "teacher" is an extremely angry person due to being morbidly obese. This teacher looks like she will drop dead any second of a heart attack, how does someone like that even become a teacher? What kind of example is someone who hates themselves so much that eat so much food until they blow up and die? There is no hope for a society that destroys children for using markers, no common sense at all left in America. Only a subhuman animal would terrorize a child for using a marker
Every child in America is aware that cans of spray paint and permanent markers are prohibited on school grounds. They are also aware you ought not use them to vandalize a desk. Furthermore, they also know that if a teacher tells you to give it up, that you obey. So...... cry me a river.
Spray cans, perhaps, but sharpies? Hardly. My own kids' school has no such prohibition. Furthermore, if you could read, he was not vandalizing a desk, he was writing on a piece of paper, and she was concerned that it would bleed through. As for not giving it up, I would instruct my kid that unless it was a weapon or something, no private property need be surrendered to someone with such meager authority under such pretenses. Go cry your own river, moron.
There it is that is the problem you hit it on the head. You and this child have no respect for teachers (those of meager authority) and feel that the child should decide when they need to comply with a teacher directive. More kids and parents feel this way then is healthy for our society. Like it or not the teacher is the authority in the classroom and must be listened to even when the student does not agree. Any other option and the discipline in the class and school fall apart to the point no learning takes place. Without discipline a teacher cannot keep the 30-180 children they have per day under any semblence of control. Once again we do not know how many times this particular student has been in trouble, what issues the trouble has delt with, or his history with this teacher. The utter scorn in several of these posts is disturbing considering that many of the writers could not keep a class of third graders under control for even one lesson much less maintain control with successive groups of middle schoolers 10 months out of the year. Would I have called the police or resource officer on this student? Most likely not, however, one thing would have been certain in this world, he would not have left my room with that marker unless he was sent home on a 3 day vacation with a forced parent conference to discuss the child's behavior as a condition of return. Nothing like a little missed work to get the attention of a mom or dad. Given the jerk that I am I would have still asked for the pen from the parents and still given the child more discipline upon his or her return from their vacation(I would allow make up work but it would have to be done in front of me, after school for it to be counted.) Given a choice I would rather a kid mark on every desk and wall in school then refuse a directive I have given him or her.
Here it is. It's about challenging authority, not that he did anything to be arrested for. "More kids and parents feel this way then is healthy for our society." There is that collectivist, and greater good bullshiat again. Lets not teach this kid to trust authority by being fair. Lets just punish to the maximum so he will fall in line like all the sheep schools seem to be producing. They don't have to know about their Constitution, or The Bill of Rights. They can screw their brains out as long as they wear a condom. Its this very mind set that has given us an out of control government that does not want to be questioned because THEY make the rules, and They are not to be questioned, or challenged. Let me guess. I bet your one of those people who will gladly stand in line at an airport and be molested because its the LAW and you want to feel safe. So lets see, he would have to give you the pen, or be sent home with a three days suspension, and a FORCED parent conference as a condition of return, then demand that the parent give you the pen, and more punishment when he returns to school. I hope that other readers can see this is more about your power and control than it is a pen. I would love to go up against you in a parent teacher conference. Especially when its my tax dollars paying your salary. You're attitude is scarier than any kid brandishing a sharpie.
I fully believe in civil disobedience and have written to the TSA opposing their policies. Authority does need to be questioned and I teach the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the concept of Natural Rights, as our rights are not derived from the Bill of Rights but from God himself. Everyone including children may need to challenge authority but you need to pick your battles. Keeping a marker or anything else your misusing in a classroom is not a right nor should you make your stand on that issue. It is as important to know when to fight as it is to actually fight. A student is not going to win on a locker search issue but they may win on a protest or informational issue such as wearing pink bands supporting breast cancer research. Kids need discipline to be successful as adults. No one is doing this kid any favor if they let him break rules and defy authority based upon his own stubbornness and poor choices. When a student is refusing reasonable directives from adults who are in charge of them that child has serious issues and strong intervention is necessary. To not do so hurts the child more than it helps him. As to power and control, in a classroom situation I do expect to be in full control of the room. Students need to feel empowered to complain and seek help from other adults if they are being mistreated but they should not expect to project any control of the classroom, that is the domain of the teacher. We all know this, assuming you can read then you have attended school and are aware of how they function.
Kids are screwing their brains out, beating the hell out of their teachers, killing their parents and generally doing as they please because spineless parents and other adults make excuses for them instead of putting a foot up their ass. So.... those who lack the stones to be a parent, expect to pick up your little thug at the police station from time to time.
Ironic. As I can indeed read, it didn't escape my notice that the teacher reported in the source document that the poor child was using the marker on the desk itself. Nowhere in this story is there a reference to a sharpie. Lastly, teachers now let parents pick their children up at police stations because many think like you.
I would hazard a guess that an extreme out pouring of comments has caused Ms. Woodside to rethink her facebook page at this time. Bummer. I was hoping for some intelligent reasoning (hoping being the key word here) for her decision. Guess not today :(
The question comes down to "did he do damage". If yes then the action is probably appropriate, if not its a overblown situation that either the pricipal should have brought some common sense to.
I think we all need to tell this woman how we feel. Her email address is on the school system's site.
Are public schools now private property? Does every teacher in the school who has a permanent marker in thier desk have express permission? Permission from begs the question are public schools now private property? he was writing on a piece of paper not the desk, the pen bled through. Do you think the teacher might have had some acetone polish remover? Does she like sharpie permanent markers on her Facebook page because she has realized that she can arrest a child for possessing something that lots of kids carry with them? This 'teacher' is an example of what public education is meant to be, to teach authority and obedience. I will now say it THANKS YOU FAT B FOR CREATING ANOTHER RADICAL! FASCIST B....... I hope you get the shiat sued out of you and your house gets scrawled with permanent markers.
Are public schools now private property? Don't accept second hand information. If you'd like the answer to that question, go to your local "public" school and wander the halls for a few minutes. Bring some broad tip markers and a can of spray paint with you.
The Police acted appropriately in response to the "teacher's" complaint. The Law clearly states that the "crime" is a misdemeanor that was witnessed by the complainant, not the Police. Acting on the request by the "teacher", and not the school, the Police took the Perp into custody, pending the signature of the "teacher". Now the fun begins. A Civil Arrest, which is what was conducted, now places the "teacher" at risk, not the Police and not the School. If the child's parents want to sue, it is the "teacher" that will be the loser. Clearly, it was the child's intent that will be decided at the Bar, not the intent of the Law. I would bet 100 to 1 that the "teacher" will be looking for some part time work in the near future.
Nice point. I doubt she'll be fired, though. And I suppose that's fair. However, she should be admonished, placed on probation, and continue to suffer the merciless humiliation that is certain to follow her for the remainder of her career. I mean, how many sharpie pens have ALREADY been tossed into her mailbox, car, front lawn, etc. She won't be able to even see a Sharpie commercial without peeing her pants for the rest of her life. Muhahahahaa!
Police report did not mention a sharpie. The author of this story provided that. A previous commenter pointed out that this school is nearly seventy percent hispanic. The school district prohibits tagger materials in school. This is an experienced, tenured teacher who will likely get her fondest desire, laterally promoted to an administrative position. I'm sure she will be just fine, notwithstanding the knee-jerk hysteria of those easily manipulated by brief, fact-thin, "news" stories.
"Police took the Perp into custody, pending the signature of the "teacher". Incorrect, According to this report, police recorded the details, had her sign the citation and only then did they take the poor child away. In that taggers tools are prohibited in the school and the "perp" raised the stakes by refusing to turn over the contraband, the teacher had no other choice if she intended to keep order in her classroom than to escalate it or capitulate. I would bet 100-1 that if the young angel tries to sue he may find himself being charged with more serious crimes relating to disruption of a classroom.
I'll take that bet.
The "perp"? no "normal" citizen talks like that...only cop wannabees and lawyers in training...what are in you law schooool Cheech? Btw, thanks for the defining of the whole "civil arrest" that you explained it so well, you know I would be completely fine with some teacher sending my child to a JV holding facility while all the facts got straightened out. NOT! "Child's intent", would think you were debating a serial rapist case or something. Hot damn! Ms. Woodside must be a product of our FINE public education systems.
My ice melted, got to go. Nice chatting with you though sparky. Do work on the "she's a big fat, fatty, fat fat lady" argument tonight and I'll get back with you. Think about her big fat face too. That might make a compelling argument for you as well. Just trying to be helpful. Toodles.
Based on the source documents it appears that this teacher did her job. It's a damned shame that this story described the prohibition of spray paint and permanent markers in the school as an "obscure city ordinance". It's the norm across the nation. It is very easy to stomp your feet and curse the teacher, however, the young man in this story was ordered to surrender contraband and refused. Had anyone in the school so much as touched him, then his family would have surely sued and most of you here would have demanded the teacher or principal's head on a pike. The young tagger has remained anonymous while capering fools aim as sincerely as any witless fool is able, to destroy this teacher's life. It is a sick and twisted world and the very reason teachers today simply call the cops. To protect themselves from you.
RedRover, wouldn't be the fine Ms. Woodside would you? Because you sure do defend her like a hero in tighty whiteys. Just saying...ignorance sure is bliss isn't it?
No. Just not a herd animal sparky. As to your observation that "ignorance sure is bliss", I'll have to take your word for it.
LMAO!! Everyone stop responding to Redrover. She is a puss who can't tolerate honest debate and get's her knickers in a twist. Also, she was home-schooled in a trailer park and is therefore unfamiliar with contraband rules and the authority of teachers. Have a Merry Christmas darlin'.
LOL! Mcgruber the moron!
Based on your responses you're the biggest uneducated idiot here, you've been here all day responding to people which shows you have no life and no social skills other than sitting around in your underwear replying to people on this site. I hope someone curb stomps your ass because it's retards like you that give people a reason to commit violence.
Based on my respondes and your hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth, I have to assume that you are a high-school drop out and pregnant single mother having hormonal rushes.
hey hey now. Jealousy will get you know where.
Redrover, first off I'm a HE not a she. Second, I was educated and have three college degrees, and am a registered republican, not a liberal like you probably are. Second, I'm far from inbred, I probably make more money than you could ever dream of, I can scan my 1040s and send them to you if you want me to but that would only piss you off as you read this from your section 8 housing and government cheese soup. So go piss up a rope you little prick you're a little piss ant troll trying to make trouble. The article stated he was arrested on a contraband complaint against a law that states it's illegal on private property...what part of PRIVATE don't you understand, the school is PUBLIC property. You're the inbred because you can't comprehend something that's right in front of your face you fat stinking loser.
I'm sorry sweetheart. Evidently all that time you spent sitting on your ass sleeping through college left you unable to digest simple facts. IT DOESN'T MATTER. The school makes the rules, those who don't comply get taken away in handcuffs. Get it now sparky? Conservatives believe in personal responsibility and common sense. You don't believe in either.
This is a matter of discretion. She took a school rule and found a way to tie it into a city ordinance. No one would complain about the kid being arrested for spray painting lockers while skipping class. The law could never have been intended to catch such "perps," and to make the case, in particular by appealing to ostensible conservative ideological positions, only makes your position even more silly. Look, the kid should have been sent to the office, and dealt with by the Vice Principal for not surrendering the "contraband." Did the kid escalate? Sure, but you make it sound like he tossed his handgun into the dumpster. Calling the cops as though he committed even a simple crime is an abuse of the spirit of the law. Period. That's the problem with hardcore ideological rigidity, the inability to see the gray areas of any situation, even when it pimp slaps you in your smug little face.
The capacity for far left loons to find the gray areas in every situation involving authority, is why teachers let you pick your little pimp darlings up at the police station.
LMAO!! Everyone stop responding to Redrover. She is a puss who can't tolerate honest debate and get's her knickers in a twist. Also, she was home-schooled in a trailer park and is therefore unfamiliar with contraband rules and the authority of teachers. Have a Merry Christmas darlin'.
Thanks McGruber. I knew that eventually, lacking any intelligence at all, you'd be forced to start copy and paste. Keep up the good work sparky.
Seriously people, why are you even acknowledging RedRover??? He is obviously looking for attention! Ignore this child and he will get tired and go to bed! Now, to the issue. Is this for real? First, the teacher calls the cops because a kid is drawing on paper with a marker? The cops actually come to the school and ARREST him?? Is this the twilight zone? Is this what common sense has been reduced to? The parent's should sue the school district and the police department for false arrest. The teacher should be fired for lacking common sense and the cops?? Well, why the hell did the cops even respond to this call? Is this what all of this political correctness and zero tolerance has created in this country? Somebody, anybody should have used common sense in this situation! A 13 year old child, drawing a picture with a marker is grounds for arrest? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If it wasn't so sad for the kid, it would be laughable!!