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Man Busted For Baguette Battery At Safeway

Cops: Suspect hit worker with French bread

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Baguette Battery

SEPTEMBER 20--A California man attacked a Safeway employee with a baguette Sunday evening, according to police who arrested the man on a battery charge.

Investigators allege that Adam Kowarsh, 39, entered the supermarket just before midnight and began yelling and screaming. When Kowarsh ignored employee directions to leave the business, an employee summoned cops to the store in Fremont, a city in the San Francisco Bay area.

Prior to the arrival of police, Kowarsh was “pushing and hitting an employee...multiple times with a loaf of French bread,” according to the Fremont Police Department’s patrol blotter.

While the male employee did not sustain “major injuries” during the baguette attack, he “wanted to press charges,” police noted.

Kowarsh, seen above, was arrested after refusing police orders to leave the store. In addition to a battery count, he was charged with a probation violation.

Locked up on $5000 bail in the Alameda County jail, Kowarsh, who has a lengthy rap sheet, is scheduled to be arraigned today on the two criminal charges. (1 page)