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Deer Crashes Into A Bar...

Whitetail pays price after trashing Indiana wings joint

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OCTOBER 29--Two patrons were knocking back a few beers Wednesday afternoon at Peanuts Food & Spirits when a deer crashed through the front window of the Fort Wayne, Indiana establishment and began to thrash about, leaving a bloody trail in the bar.

After the whitetail doe bucked around for a few minutes, the patrons cornered the animal near the bar and wrestled it to the floor. “They were struggling to keep it calm and subdued,” according to a Fort Wayne Police Department report. The injured doe, which cops estimated weighed between 125 and 150 pounds, was eventually euthanized due to its injuries.

The bar’s owner, Loren Fifer, said she wanted the incident memorialized in a police report, since “The insurance company is never going to believe this.” The report, authored by Officer Everett White, notes that, “Known for its buffalo wings, Peanuts has a number of large trophies displayed in front of these windows, most of which were toppled or broken.”

Photos taken at the scene show the bar’s broken and blood-stained windows as well as the late deer on the barroom floor. (5 pages)

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That's not the way I heard it... I heard that the deer walked in looking for a job because Obama F'd up the economy so bad. Then a bunch of union guys mistakenly thought the deer noises were some of them "fancy sounding tea party words" and beat the hell out of her. Then the cops came and claimed the deer was holding up a "shiny object" and then "made a motion as if pointing a gun" at which time they unloaded their "service revolvers" into the deer fearing that "an officers life could be in jeopardy."
first time the words "tea party" and "fancy" were used in the same sentence.
THAT's the stuff! I think you forgot to mention "libtards" and... is there such a thing as a "conservatard?" Thanks, man.
I can't wait to see how the TSG readers will use creativity to turn this into a liberal versus conservative event. "bucked around.." good one, TSG.