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Couple Gets Six Months In Jail For Public Sex

Duo caught trysting at Florida retirement community

Couple Having Sex

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The Villages Sex Guilty

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NOVEMBER 10--The Florida couple arrested last month for having sex in public at a sprawling Florida retirement community have each been sentenced to six months in jail for their morning tryst atop an electrical box.

Charm Gilbert, 40, and James Adams, 47, were found guilty last week of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in connection with their October 1 outdoor interlude at The Villages, the 55,000-resident community that bills itself as “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown.”

Gilbert and James, who have been in custody since their arrest, pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor counts. In addition to the jail time, they have each been ordered to pay more than $1000 in fines and court fees.

As detailed in Sumter County Sheriff’s Office reports, a deputy was dispatched to The Villages in response to a 911 call about  “two naked people making out.” The cop subsequently found Gilbert and James, pictured above, “having sexual intercourse within direct view of the public” near an entrance to the retirement community.

The deputy reported that when he approached the couple around 8:40 AM, Gilbert was “lying on an electrical box with her legs spread open.” Her breasts were exposed and she “also had her shorts and underwear fully off exposing her vagina,” the cop added. As for Adams, he was “fully naked exposing his penis.”

Adams--who lives about a mile from where he was collared--told the deputy that he and Gilbert were frolicking outdoors “due to them not having any other place to go.”

Gilbert and Adams are the second couple to get six months in custody for having sex in public at The Villages. In June, a 69-year-old woman and her 49-year-old partner were sentenced for having sex in a town square. Both couples were sentenced by County Court Judge Thomas Skidmore. (4 pages)