New York Woman Arrested For Striking Cop In Forehead With Pink Sex Toy

An upstate New York woman was arrested early today after she allegedly threw a pink sex toy at a cop, who was struck in the forehead by the foot-long device.

Lisa Anderson, 47, was booked on a harassment charge after a Watertown Police Department patrolman was dispatched to a residence in response to a call about an unwanted visitor.

While answering the 3 AM call, Officer Jonathan Pitts encountered Anderson on the fourth floor of a State Street apartment building. It was there that Anderson allegedly struck Pitts in the head with the sex toy. The cop was apparently not injured.

A Watertown Police Department report notes that the sex toy was "approximately twelve inches in length." Anderson, cops added, retrieved the item from a chair as she was being escorted from the apartment of a male friend who had called police to report that she was intoxicated and was refusing to leave the residence.

A criminal complaint alleges that Anderson, “with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, did throw a pink in color sex toy toward Officer Pitts, the victim, and struck him in the forehead, during an unwanted person investigation.”

Anderson was arraigned this morning on the misdemeanor count and freed from custody.

Why, yes, something like this has happened before.