Cops Arrest Final Suspect In Videotaped Beating Of Baltimore Tourist

The fourth and final suspect being sought by Baltimore cops for her role in last month’s videotaped beating of a tourist was arrested early this morning on variety of felony charges.

Shatia Baldwin, 21, was collared for her role in the March 18 attack outside a downtown courthouse. Baldwin, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, faces robbery, assault, theft, conspiracy, and reckless endangerment counts.

According to police, Baldwin, wearing a red hat, can be seen at the outset of the below clip of the assault stating, “Let’s take his car keys.”  The victim, 31, was subsequently punched in the face and, while prone on the sidewalk, was set upon by several assailants. He reported to cops that his watch, money, iPhone, and car keys were stolen during the attack.

Baldwin is being held in the Baltimore jail, where her bond was set at $800,000. Records show that Baldwin’s rap sheet includes convictions for assault and marijuana possession.