Attention Walmart Shoppers: There's A Pantsless Guy Pleasuring Himself In The Women's Bathroom

An Indiana man was arrested yesterday after he was caught masturbating in a stall inside the women’s room of a Walmart in Indianapolis.

The suspect, Brandon Jelks, was first spotted by female shoppers who heard moans “and sounds of someone” masturbating emanating from the stall. One witness went into the adjoining stall to look under the divider, and reported seeing “a pair of blue patterned boxers around the ankles of what appeared to be a man’s shoes."

An off-duty cop working security at the store was then summoned. When the cop confronted a startled Jelks, 20, as he exited the stall (“with his pants unzipped”), he claimed to have accidentally gone into the wrong bathroom. Jelks was handcuffed and brought to the loss prevention office where a search turned up two boxes of condoms that had been shoplifted from the store, according to an Indianapolis Police Department report.

Jelks explained that he had used two of the condoms while pleasuring himself in the women’s bathroom. While being detained, he also reportedly told a Walmart official that he “had a sex problem” and went into the bathroom “to look at the women” while masturbating. While he was doing this, Jelks noted, he was looking at pornography on his cell phone.

The multitasking pervert--who explained that he “needed” to spy on the bathroom occupants to “arouse” himself--was charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespass. Jelks was booked into the Marion County jail, where he remains in custody.