Baltimore Police Arrest "Teenage Teabagger" For Role In Brutal Videotaped Attack Of Tourist

A third assailant--the "Teenage Teabagger"--has been arrested in connection with last month’s videotaped attack on a tourist outside a Baltimore courthouse.

Deangelo Carter, 18, was apprehended today and charged with felony assault, according to police.

Carter, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, can be seen in videos of the March 18 assault leaning over the prone victim and apparently going through his pockets. Then, with the man still on the ground, Carter approaches the victim from behind, grabs the man’s head, and slams it into his groin.

Police, who have collared three suspects in the attack, are still seeking to arrest Shatia Baldwin, a 21-year-old Baltimore woman, whose rap sheet includes convictions for assault and marijuana possession.