Finally, A Worthy Successor To The Line “Kenneth, What Is The Frequency?”

When a strange guy started sending his wife vulgar text messages and invitations to partake in a “two hour session” at a local hotel, a Florida man took matters into his own hands this past weekend.

Dialing the number from which the texts emanated, the husband demanded of the male who answered the phone that he stop contacting his wife, according to a Manatee County Sheriff's Office report.

The creepy caller explained he would cease, “When Dan Aykroyd eats cherry pie.”

This response, of course, makes little sense. But we hereby nominate the line as a worthy successor to “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”

Now excuse us while we go and trademark the phrase for use on our upcoming line of “When Dan Aykroyd eats cherry pie” t-shirts, mouse pads, and keychains.

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Can you hear me now?
Daniel "Kenneth" Akroyd eats cherry pie w/ great frequency!
It would have made more sense if he would have replied," when Dan A goes on a diet"
Sounds like some type of strange clandestine code used by tea baggers and elite republicans...
There is no such thing as an elite republican. That term is used to describe progressive democrats that think they can run your life better than you can. Typically in a Marxist fashion.
Ok Mo Ma'. Deep breaths buddy. Let's not provide the ammo.
Like most moonbats, he's 100% limbic system and can't help it.
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is the title of the R.E.M. song, but what Dan Rather's attacker actually uttered was "Kenneth, what is the frequency?"