Camera-Shy Texas Tridenthead Assaults Photographer With His Skateboard

Meet Johnathan Washburn.

The 23-year-old Texan allegedly assaulted a man who, intrigued by Washburn’s coiffure, made the mistake of photographing the skateboarder Monday night on an Austin street.

According to cops, Washburn clobbered the shutterbug in the head with his skateboard after the man refused to delete the image from his camera. That request was made by Timothy Beard, a 19-year-old Washburn pal who has been accused of stealing the man’s sunglasses.

Washburn, facing a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, remains jailed in lieu of $12,000. Beard, hit with a felony theft rap, is also at the Travis County lockup, where he is being held on $7500 bond.

Presumably, Washburn was more cooperative when posing for the above mug shot taken by sheriff’s personnel.

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Are you a retard? Did you even read the article?
Yeah, I read it. Did you? What exactly didn't you understand, dufus? Since I could reasonably infer that from your troll-like attack you have actually read the article, I have to assume that your confusion comes from stupidity. That's ok. You probably come from a long line of stupid people. I appreciate that it must be difficult for your simple mind to recognize that there are actually two people in the article (that's a story) and one of them has been charged with a felony (that means it's a big, bad crime) for stealing a pair of sunglasses (those are those dark glass doohickeys that people put over their eyes to block out the sun, that big bright thing in the sky when you wake up in your jammies in the morning). Next time, you could save time by just letting people know you are stupid up front. Say something like, "I am stupid. I lack the ability to understand a simple sentence. Please help me understand so that I do not look even more stupid than I already am."
I think it becomes a felony because of the simultaneous assault. Take a deep breath, let the cats out, go to the couch and wake your mother up so she will roll over and avoid more bedsores, and try again.
I get the legalities. But, seriously, you don't think a prosecutor who pursues felony charges against some kid who stole a pair of sunglasses kind of douche-y? Not to mention, the guy who got hit was a tool. It's bad enough that so-called celebrities are stalked by paparazzi, but now every tool with an iPhone is going to start snapping photos of everyone who has a stupid hair cut? When I grew up, if you started taking pictures of a group of kids, you were going to get your butt kicked. I don't blame this kid for taking a swing at him with his skateboard. He got caught and he's going to get charged for it. But to throw a felony charge onto his friend for taking a pair of sunglasses, well, I call douche.
Since when is a 23 year-old, a kid? And it's not illegal to take a picture of someone in public. Now, if the photographer were to publish the photo in the future without the subject's permission, that's different. If Washburn didn't want attention with that stupid hairstyle, then he shouldn't have sported it. The aggravated assault charge was warranted because the theft was committed in conjunction with the assault, so as far as law enforcement is concerned, the blow to the head could have actually been so the friend could grab the expensive sunglasses. That will be worked out in court. The law is this: you can't go around banging people on the head because you don't like something they did that wasn't violent towards you and you also can't bang someone on the head to take their property.
You are correct. The assault with a deadly weapon + theft = felony. Not to mention the fact that if the sunglasses were RX, they could cost in excess of $500. Loved your insight and comment, too funny.
This was all a big misunderstanding... He was trying to scare off a Flock Of Seagulls by waving his skateboard.
That's a good one, rashes6!
He wears a ridiculous hairstyle to draw attention to himself, and when he gets the attention he doesn't like it. I'd like to see the authorities shave his head for him.
You hit the nail on the head and took the words right out of my mouth. This kid is a punk and deserves a TON of attention from the authorities. Maybe that'll fill his craving.