Be Prepared To Wince At The Misfortune Of One Poor Pierced South Carolina Guy

South Carolina cops are investigating a domestic dispute that turned bloody Monday night when a South Carolina woman bit down on a stud in her boyfriend’s tongue and ripped the jewelry out of his mouth, “splitting his tongue in half.”

According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, Johnathan Batton, 25, was moving out of the residence he had shared with Casey Crump, 21, when the couple began to quarrel. Crump allegedly “became physical,” and ripped Batton’s t-shirt off and repeatedly scratched his arm and face.

Then, while they were standing face to face, Batton stuck his tongue at Crump. At that point, a deputy reported, “Johnathan said his tongue was pierced with a stud and when he stuck his tongue out at Casey she reached forward and with her mouth ripped the piercing out of his tongue, splitting his tongue in half.”

Crump then reportedly used a pair of jumper cables to whip Batton on the leg, while forcing her three-year-old daughter to stand in front of his truck so it could not leave. Crump is pictured above in a mug shot taken after her arrest last February for domestic violence.

During an appearance Monday night before a magistrate judge, a sheriff’s deputy was told that “Casey needs to be interviewed prior to seeking a warrant” for her arrest.

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Good thing he didn't have a Prince Albert.
OUCH! (I only knew that because I did a search on it).
his "misfortune" can be traced to the day he hooked up with this she-devil - that being said, I'm sure he's a real winner as well
Wow. They kinda seem like they deserve each other. That little girl deserves much better tho!
Uh....why did the truck want to leave without a driver? It wanted to go get help? It was sick of the fighting? Good thing, it saw the little girl and didn't run over her. It sounds like a very thoughtful truck. I wonder if the woman just watched one of those vampire movies....yum, blood. Seriously, I just hope she doesn't ever lash out at her daughter like that. It's bad enough that the little girl had to be present during the fighting. She could end up being just like her crazy mother after seeing that.
See, there are some careful drivers out on the roads. That truck should be nominated for 'truck of the month'. It's nice to see a happy ending.
I WAS prepared... then I winced anyway. I was reminded of the old westerns... now this guy "speak with forked tongue."
that seems like perfectly acceptable behavior. whats the problem here?
It's clearly abuse of jumper cables. What did those cables do to anybody? Nothing. That's what.
Guess she got tired of his crap, he is a pervert anyways, what real man gets his tongue pierced, silly gaggot dicks are for chicks.