Ski-Don't: Michigan Man, 43, Busted For Drunkenly Crashing Snowmobile Last Night

A Michigan man was arrested last night after drunkenly crashing a snowmobile into a tree in Lansing, Michigan, where most other residents were enjoying a balmy Sunday evening in the state capital.

According to police, the 43-year-old man--whose name was not released pending charges--lost control of the snowmobile while racing through an alley behind homes in a residential community.

The driver was injured in the crash and subsequently admitted to a local hospital.

Cops, who obtained a blood sample from the driver, reported that they will ask prosecutors to charge the man with driving with a suspended license and driving while impaired, 3rd offense. Presumably, the man was behind the wheel of a car during his prior two drunk driving collars.

At the time of the man’s 7 PM arrest, the temperature in Lansing was 84 degrees, according to the Weather Channel.