Meet The Obnoxious Rich Kid Who Stars In That Viral "Belligerent Drunk On The Street" Video

The drunken young man who stars in that viral video your friends have been directing you to this morning is Gerry Shalam, a 20-year-old New York University student whose father does not own half of Manhattan.

Shalam, an Allenhurst, New Jersey native, is a member of NYU’s Class of 2017. His father Lou is a garment industry executive, and his mother Frieda is an event coordinator and member of the Allenhurst Borough zoning and planning board.

Gerry Shalam appears to have deleted his Facebook and Instagram pages, though the web site of a charitable group with which Shalam is affiliated remains online. The organization, Brothers Helping Others, lists its mission as offering “services to a vast variety of under privileged families of all backgrounds.” Shalam appears to have founded the group with a relative.

Shalam, a member of the varsity College Bowl team during his time at Hillel Yeshiva High School in New Jersey, was videotaped by a passerby after he and some young friends apparently had been overserved at a Manhattan brunch spot (as first reported by Gothamist). Seen in the above screen grab from the video, Shalam was wearing a natty tuxedo jacket and a fashionable St. Barth’s t-shirt while holding forth on East 28th Street about his family’s extensive real estate portfolio and its influence with the NYPD and Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

At one point in the curse-filled video (seen above), Shalam warns the cameraman that his father was in real estate and “owns half of fucking Manhattan.” When asked his name, Shalam responds “Gerry Adjmi,” adding later that, “I’m a fucking lawyer.”

Shalam apparently used the phony surname because his stricken friend--who collapses to the pavement at one point--is himself an Adjmi, a wealthy New York real estate family.

[7/2 UPDATE: The young man seen tipping over in the video is, in fact, not a member of the Adjmi family. He is Hiram Haddad, an 18-year-old Brooklynite who attends Babson College in Massachusetts. Haddad’s father is a partner in a large New York real estate investment firm.]

Before his starring role in “Belligerent Guy On The Street,” Shalam, then 13, appeared as the Scarecrow in the 2007 production of “Hip Hop Wiz,” a reworking of “The Wizard of Oz” that benefited the Jewish Community Center in Deal, New Jersey. The musical, produced by Shalam’s mother, included “unbelievable hip hop dance routines” and a script that “was recreated with a Syrian twist,” according to a press report.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of young Shalam performing "If I Only Had a Brain."