Colorado Cops Arrest Moron (The Headlines, They Really Write Themselves)

Joseph Moron was arrested Sunday on a variety of domestic abuse charges, according to Colorado police.

The bust of the 35-year-old Moron came after his girlfriend contacted cops to say that he had assaulted her. Moron is pictured in the mug shot at right.

In addition to the new abuse count, Moron also faces a variety of felony charges stemming from prior alleged domestic violence incidents, according to an Aurora Police Department press release.

Moron is being held without bond at the Arapahoe County jail.

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I've met people with the names of Richard Head, Dick Foote, Mary Cheeks..doesn't make me feel too bad about my own name
That's funny, or rather, I still find it funny. It's not the first time I came across this type of read and it's probably not the last. This reminds me of when David Letterman came across a guy living in Regina, Saskatchewan who last name was "Assman" and over the coarse of weeks phoning him showing pictures of signs and so on. David finally had him fly out to New York for the show. I live close to Regina and I just found 5 different listings plus a business, " Assman's Barber/Styling"
At least his last name wasn't Ass-hole.
But it is pronounced: mo-RON!
effin moron
If I had a name like that, I would have changed a couple of letters. Maybe that's what he and his girlfriend were fighting about....she didn't want to take his last name if they married.
This man was set up to fail.
Not really a story TSG. Got anything worth reading?
Certainly not this post.