"I Just Broke Into A House And The Owner Came Home," Intruder Tells 911 Operator

After breaking into an Oregon residence last night, Timothy Chapek, 24, barricaded himself in a bathroom after the owner unexpectedly arrived home. Chapek, you see, was worried that Hilary Mackenzie might be armed (or that her barking German Shepherds could prove problematic).

So he called 911 seeking help. “I just broke into a house and the owner came home,” Chapek told a police operator. “You broke into a house?” the surprised operator responded. “I think she’s got guns,” Chapek added.

Simultaneously, Mackenzie called police to report that there was an intruder in her Portland home (she told an operator that Chapek had reported he was taking a shower). The pair’s dueling 911 calls can be listened to here:

Chapek's 911 call:

Mackenzie's 911 call:

According to a Portland Police Bureau report, Chapek told cops he was “taking a shower, nothing more.” Mackenzie reported that none of her belongings were out of place and that Chapek had “earlier made some utterance…that ‘Mexicans’ had kidnapped him and put him in the bathroom.”

Chapek, pictured in the above mug shot, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

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Good thing this idiot was in the bathroom, cuz when that dog started barking, I'm sure he was about to $h!t his pants.
Wow! I wonder if he had just received medication through his Oregon Medical Marijuana account?
only a moron would think something like this.
The Notorious Mexican kidnapping bathroom gang is at it once again...when will they ever cease