SHOCK: Busted Batman Wannabe Is "Into Comics And Action Figures."

The Michigan man arrested this morning in a full Batman costume describes himself as a “geek” who is “into comics and action figures” and counts “The Dark Knight” as one of his two favorite movies.

Mark Williams, 31, is pictured above in a photo from his MySpace page. His profile on the social networking site--where he used the handle “Dark but hopefull”--also reveals that Williams considers his heroes as “anyone who stands up for what they believe in and for others. no matter the cost.”

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The geek chic is not with this dork.
The police will only have themselves to blame when people dressed up as the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler start running around Michigan terrorizing their parents basements without the Dork Knight to save them!
Well done!
Send this brave hero overseas to Pakistan to round up Al Qaeda and the gang of radical terrorists...
I wonder how many holes the Winnie the Poo on his bed has.
It's really sad when a wannabe superhero makes a stuffed animal his bat- bitch.......
Are his turn-offs heffalumps and woozles?
See, now most people don't describe themselves as others might. This guy is ahead of the game and clearly on the road to recovery. Just get rid of the extra 'l" in "hopefull" and he'll be ready to get back out here with the rest of us in the reall werld. 31 years old... geez. Just move the 'L" to his forehead.