Michigan Cops Cage Caped Crusader In Bizarre Rooftop Incident

A Michigan man dressed in a Batman costume was arrested early this morning after cops found him hanging off the ledge of a building.

Petoskey Department of Public Safety officers pulled the wannabe superhero back onto the building’s roof around 1 AM. A search of the man’s utility belt turned up a collapsible baton and a container of pepper spray. As a result, the 31-year-old suspect--who cops did not identify in advance of his arraignment--was charged with possession of dangerous weapons in addition to trespassing.

As seen above, cops photographed the man in full costume after he was transported to police HQ.

Investigators also released photos of Batman’s baton and his lead-lined gloves and spray. He is also seen in a shot with his cape closed as well as one with his mask removed. Additionally, here's the City of Petoskey's press release trumpeting the crime fighter's collar.

[UPDATE: Law enforcement officials this afternoon identified "Batman" as Mark Williams and released a copy of his booking photo.]

[UPDATE II: Online profile shows Williams is a self-described "geek" who is “into comics and action figures” and loves “The Dark Knight.”]

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The Caped Crusader needs some crime-fighting deodorant...
I don't get it? Cops have no humor, he could have busted there chops or just flown away but instead refused to give the usual kick back, must have messed their night up reckon the pimps and dealers had to pay extra.
Adam West seems to have packed on a few pounds.....and it's hard to believe that it DIDNT happen in Florida.....
Besides DUIs, how much crime could be in Petoskey?
I just looked at the booking photo. Put the mask back on...
man, i like this guy. out past his bedtime, no matter what his mom said, trying to take care of some hoodlums. I hope he got a couple before he was nabbed. seriously, this guys is awesome.
There goes my hero...
Why are people such douchebags?