Willie Nelson Looks A Bit Haggard In His Mug Shot

Willie Nelson posed for this mug shot following his arrest Friday morning on pot possession charges. The image was released today by the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office.

Nelson, 77, was collared after his tour bus was searched at a Border Patrol checkpoint. Nelson, who was en route to his home in Austin, claimed ownership of the six ounces of marijuana found on the bus, according to investigators.

After being booked into the county jail, Nelson was freed after posting $2500 bond. He faces up to six months in jail if convicted of the drug charge.

[As for why the height chart on the wall appears to be inverted, it seems as if a setting on the digital mug shot camera needs to be adjusted.]

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Willies got a " BIG MOUTH" nuf said!
Willie needs to pack it up, sell everything he has, pay off the government, and move to Jamaica, or some place in the Virgin Islands. I agree that marijuana should be legal and taxed.
It's always been my understanding that since a court decision prevents Texas law enforcement agencies from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, homosexuals get detailed to "pot patrol."
Amen rabbitt the ol fella done earned his stripes. Harassi'n Wille is jus unamerican
Why you boys in Blue down in Texas got to mess with Willie? I lived in Austin, Tx. (1983) and when I first started driving and it was legal to drink & drive as long as you wern't drunk, WTF! Don't get caught with a joint though. These pot laws in America are B.S. It's time to make pot legal again, yes again. Sincerely, Hyghwayman P.S. Best wished Willie
Of course he looks haggard... He's a 77 year old pothead who had to come out of retirement to pay back taxes! While I agree that all of Willie's problems stem from his own stupidity, it's time to leave the guy alone. It's not like he's blowing up buildings with a dime bag or molesting six year olds with a bong... Let him sing, smoke his grass, and tap some ass...
Come on, Willie!! You are just too predictable, Old fella! Every Cop from Sheboygan to Hoboken KNOWS Willie Loves 'da Weed! Maybe it is time to leave that big 'ol Stash at Home? Just sayin'.....
6 ounces of pot in Texas is a felony. Be a lot more than 6 months in jail.
Finally the threat to America is caught. You can all come outside now Willie Nelson and his dope smoking and guitar playing won't harm you. To the agents that searched his bus: Good job, I always suspected Willie of being a pot smoker. Great detective work, you losers.