Man, 22, Ended Up In Handcuffs After He "Pulled A Pocket Pussy Out Of His Pants"

After being confronted yesterday by an employee who suspected him of shoplifting at an adult novelty store, a 22-year-old man removed a stolen “pocket pussy out of his pants,” police report.

Cops summoned to the Priscilla McCall’s store in Spartanburg were told by a female employee that Shane Gregory was in the shop “asking her questions about the different products,” adding that she “showed him a few items.”

The worker, Mary Jane McGraw, told police that she was familiar with Gregory (pictured at right) since he had previously filled out an application to work at Priscilla McCall’s, a 27-store chain catering to “customers wishing to enhance their relationship or to those just wanting to have fun.”

McGraw told cops that Gregory was “acting strangely,” and set off the business’s “security device” as he exited the store. McGraw confronted Gregory and asked him to empty his pockets.

Gregory initially fished out a condom from his pocket, which prompted McGraw to ask what else he had. The employee told police that, “he then pulled a pocket pussy out of his pants.” The item, as its name indicates, is a portable artificial vagina, some models of which are designed to resemble the vaginas of porn stars.

Cops arrested Gregory for shoplifting and took him in handcuffs to the county jail, where he was booked on the misdemeanor rap.

After six hours in custody, Gregory’s release came last night at 6:48 PM. That likely would have occurred earlier had McGraw not caught him with the purloined pocket pussy.