Airborne Groping Of Flight Attendant Lands Man Behind Bars

A passenger who was flying from London to New York is facing a federal criminal charge after he allegedly placed his hand up the skirt of a flight attendant and “grabbed her genital area” and “began to run his fingers back and forth,” according to an FBI agent.

The incident, which occurred Thursday on a British Airways flight bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport, resulted in the arrest of Iurii Chumak, 53.

In a misdemeanor criminal complaint excerpted here, FBI Agent Thais Canin reported that the flight attendant has just provided coffee to Chumak when she turned away from him to serve other passengers across the aisle in row 42. As she “bent over slighty” to pour coffee, Chumak allegedly groped her.

A second flight attendant, Canin added, saw Chumak “grab the first flight attendant’s genital area” and immediately approached the passenger and placed him in restraints. The second attendant told the FBI that a male passenger had previously complained that Chumak--drinking from a bottle of Dewar’s--had “bothered and verbally abused” his wife.

When questioned by federal agents after the plane arrived in New York, Chumak said he “was drinking on the airplane, fell asleep, and woke up in restraints.” Chumak appeared Saturday in U.S. District Court for arraignment, and was ordered held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

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Trace1212: Well I am not agreeing it warrants a felony, but... We have states here in the US that are known for harboring puppy mills. The laws (if they have any are either not enforced or its a small fine). Now I do not know if you know what puppy mills do to dogs but it is obscene the female dogs are breed non stop and are close to dead if not found in time. Does this compare with groping yes/no as it shows what little respect people have for living beings. Since most of the state legislatures are being bribed it is difficult to get a conviction. The only way to bypass these state legislatures is to make it a federal crime. The end story is that in some cases states do not see braking the law the same way as others do. So, it is up the federal government to do the jobs that the states are unwilling to do.
Query: Is anyone who has commented even READ the article... It was a BA flight. BA cabin crew are the WORST there is. Seriously. I flew from NYC to London on a night flight that was practically empty. The crew spent pretty much the whole flight complaining to one another about their contracts, b1tch1ng about passengers, badmouthing people and generally being the most unhelpful stuck up pieces of faecal matter that you would ever come across. The worst thing is, they insult you with a smile on their face. I would bet good money on this being blown all out of proportion.
For all the idiots who are saying no problem, Come on you can’t be serious? You must be trying to raise the ire of the feminatzis. While I agree half the assault cases now are BS and while I have no problem with bikini photos & such at the work place this is well beyond over reaction.
How short was her skirt?
You could see Russia from your seated position....
My wife is a nurse who wears shorter skirts than most with white thigh highs and cute little heels and enjoys the occasional look or even grab. I don't really care. Whatever makes her day more interesting as long as nobody gets hurt is ok with me. Being a nurse is a tough job.
Yeah, but how do you feel about doctors copping a feel? Do you really not care? You must not respect your wife very much. Being a nurse is a tough job? Well, no wonder, since she wears heels instead of comfortable shoes being that she's on her feet most of the day (probably frequently on her back from the sound of things, though). How do you know no one gets hurt? I wonder how many Code Blues was caused by you and your wife's little fantasy sex game of 'pimp and hooker'. Shame on you both! Now......where does she work and what are her hours?
Doctors? That's ok. Part of her job is to make people more comfortable and make their hospital visit as pleasant as possible. Having a beautiful nurse who looks good is part of that. BTW I'm not her pimp and she's not a hooker.
"BTW I'm not her pimp and she's not a hooker."___ Oh, you two just play the parts like on TV, but except at the hospital, huh? My bad. I'm sure pervert male patients, female patients and the wives of the male patients and doctors really appreciate beautiful, flirty, sexy nurses. What a great service your wife provides. Does she also know anything about the medical aspect of nursing or just how to look good? What a lucky guy you are to have such a beautiful wife. Dude! Stop exploiting her and give her some respect or some day you may take off with one of those patients or doctors who are richer, better-looking or more mature than you are.
I'm reminded of the story where an airplane captain accidentally left the PA microphone switch on after addressing the passengers. Not knowing the mic was on, he told the 1st officer "Well, I think I'm going to have a cup of coffee, take a leak, then have my way with that cute blonde stewardess in coach." Hearing this unintentionally coming over the PA system, the alarmed blonde stewardess started rushing quickly up the aisle toward the flight deck when a little old lady in an aisle seat grabbed her by the arm and said, "Wait a minute, honey, he still has to have his coffee and take a leak first."