TMZ Weighs In On Fallout From Killing Of September 11 Mastermind

In the absence this morning of any stories about Charlie Sheen’s antics or Kim Kardashian’s jeggings, the gossip site TMZ has been directing its attention to Osama bin Laden and fallout from the terrorist’s killing.

To that end, the latest exclusive from the site--which, like Time, CNN, Fortune, People, and TSG itself is owned by Time Warner--focuses on the question of whether President Barack Obama had “victory sex” with his wife Michelle following last night’s announcement that bin Laden had been killed.

Because, as TMZ editor Harvey Levin, 60, wonders, “is there a more powerful aphrodisiac” than hunting down the planet’s most wanted man? Levin, a former television journalist, helpfully includes a yes/no poll asking, “Victory sex?”

While not privy to the inner workings of Levin’s successful checkbook journalism operation (or his carnal delights), we’d guess that he enjoys some “victory sex” after breaking another big story about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband.

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I visit TMZ, sometimes, just to glean bits of information about celebrities that have fallen off their pedestals. I wouldn't expect them to have any class or intelligence in terms of the way they transmit information.
Oh dont be silly, people aren't interested in Kim's jeggings. Its obvious she has too much junk in the truck to even consider people caring about such a thing.
Now we know exactly what TMZ stands for."The Moron Zone"
Wow, really sort of cheapens our country's victory. The concept of decency is lost.
The smoking gun in nothing but cheap sensationalist journalism. As if any news media can be called journalists , save for the the Wall Strret Journal.
Thanks Deskboy...