The Greatest 911 Call Ever Placed By A Little Boy Angry With His Dad

In one of the more amusing calls you’ll ever hear, a four-year-old Florida boy dialed 911 to report that his father had “been very bad,” and asked a police operator to write a message to Santa Claus to report his parent’s behavior.

The January 2 call, handled by a Niceville Police Department operator, can be heard here:

When the operator asked the boy what his father did, the child replied, “When you’re bad you get a big rock and you have to put it under your house.” “Okay,” the operator replied.

After the boy hung up, the female operator told another dispatcher on the line that she was sending cops to the child’s home. Laughing, she said, “Wasn’t that cute?” As seen above (click to enlarge), a Niceville Police Department report indicates that no problems were found at the residence.

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what the hell is going on in florida. i just moved here and now after watching the news i see it. this state is wide open man. i used to vacation here and always say...wow i will live there 1 day. i notice it even has its own tab on here. florida and south carolina...i dont see new york or california. it all drains through here i see. but...i still love it here
again, only in Florida...makes me Soooo proud to live here!
HAHAHA I bet his dad was pissed off when the cops showed up. I wonder how "bad" Dad was??