Federal Jury Convicts New York City's Most Corrupt Politician Of Being Corrupt Politician

A federal jury today convicted New York City politician Larry Seabrook on nine felony charges related to the siphoning of public funds to himself and his relatives. The 61-year-old Bronx Democrat--nicknamed “Cash and Carry Larry”--was immediately booted from his City Council post following the U.S. District Court verdict.

Seabrook is scheduled to be sentenced in January, when he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on each corruption count.

Today’s conviction comes as little surprise in these parts, considering that a TSG reporter--more than 20 years ago--chronicled identical thievery on Seabrook’s part in the pages of The Village Voice. Seabrook, in fact, was such a fan of those old stories that he and his cronies once threw two Voice journalists down a flight of stairs one election night.

On another occasion, after being approached outside his office by a Voice reporter and photographer, Seabrook declined to answer questions about some municipal thievery (the details of which have been lost to time). However, before the two male journalists drove away, Seabrook offered this pithy advice: “Now don’t you two go and get AIDS.”

Ah, sweet memories.

Seabrook is pictured above in a United States Marshals Service mug shot (click to enlarge) snapped following his 2010 arrest by federal agents.