Yes, Sanitizing Farrah Pierce's Jail Cell Is An Excellent Idea

Meet Farrah Pierce. The 20-year-old Rhode Island woman was in an upscale shopping mall in Natick, Massachusetts Saturday night when a friend of hers got pinched for shoplifting.

Pierce, who told cops she was staying at a local Marriott, was stranded since her pal’s car had been impounded by cops. According to a Natick Police Department report, officers asked Pierce to get someone to pick her up “due to her intoxication.” After making several phone calls, a man showed up at the mall, but cops were suspicious about his relationship to Pierce, who is pictured here in a photo from her Facebook page.

“It was apparent that Pierce was most likely an escort, and that the male party was most likely a ‘john’ and not a suitable or safe person to release her to in this state of intoxication,” reported cops. So officers decided to transport Pierce to the stationhouse until she could find a “sober responsible adult to come pick her up.” That’s when the fun began.

In the police cruiser, Pierce reportedly made a series of inappropriate remarks, including, “I like cock, you guys are cute.” After arriving at the station, Pierce “started making vulgar remarks, yelling, swearing, and attempting to expose her breasts.”

After being placed into a cell, Pierce “lost all self control, and was kicking and pounding on the door, screaming and swearing.” Then she climbed onto the cell’s bench, “pulled her underpants down, pulled her skirt up and urinated all over the cell bench.” She then flooded the cell and “smeared wet toiler paper on the windows and the walls.”

Pierce was charged with disorderly conduct and wanton injury to property, since the cell “will require professional outside cleaners to come in at a substantial expense to sanitize the bench and floor.” Click here to see her mug shot.

[UPDATE: In a message sent to her Facebook page, TSG asked Pierce about the police claim that she worked as an escort. She replied, “no its not true.” In a follow-up note, she added, “COPS ASS-UME.”]

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LET ME BE THE ONE TO CLEAR THE AIR FOR ALL THE NOSEY LOW LIFES!! For 1.. SHE IS NOT AN ESCORT! This site should really get their facts straight because the guy was a family friend and she chose to call him because he lives in Mass; DUHHHHHHHHHH! For 2. SHE WAS DRUNK ok people. Not saying that makes it ok but when your in a state like the one she was in you make dumb decisions. For.3 TO THE DUMB B**** THAT CALLED HER A HOE; SHE IS ACTUALLY IN HER 4TH YEAR OF COLLEGE AND SHE ACTUALLY GOING PLACES.. EVERYONE ***S UP ATLEAST ONCE. YOUR PROBABLY A FAT LONELY OLD MAN WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN SIT BY YOUR COMPUTER & HATE ON EVERY PRETTY GIRL THAT YOU KNOW WOULD NEVER LOOK TWICE AT YOU. She isnt locked up to comment number 2 & TRUST ME she wouldnt give you the time of day lol. About her saying she "liked cocks you guys are cute".. they didnt mention how she said "Sikeeeeeeee" right after lmaooo like c'mon people get your facts straight.
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