IRS Files $350,000 Tax Lien Against Designer Vera Wang

The Internal Revenue Service last week filed a $350,000 tax lien against fashion designer Vera Wang, records show.

Wang, who lives at 740 Park Avenue, Manhattan’s most exclusive coop, is being dunned for taxes owed in connection with her 2008 1040 individual tax return, according to documents recorded September 7 with New York City’s Department of Finance.

Click here to view the $349,781 IRS lien filed against the 61-year-old Wang, who is married to Arthur Becker, a wealthy businessman.

On Tuesday, the designer showed her Spring 2011 collection as part of New York’s Fashion Week.

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Maybe that's why she started selling her stuff in Kohl's.
Painfully skinny models with Big Hair wearing tacky garments. If this is fashion then people are just fooling them own selves in thinking it as such.
Vera Wang abides by the Charlie Rangel "Golden Rule" of Democrats and Big Government: 1) Do as I say, Not as I do 2) Support Big Government and higher taxes, then do not pay your fair share and tax debts. Maybe Michelle, "It's Hell", Obama can help Vera out with a few purchases on the Taxpayer dime...before it's too late.
You must be a fascinating conversationalist.